It was a busy year for Zift and its product team. At the start of the year, we laid out a roadmap for what we wanted to achieve with ZiftONE this year. Visibility for partners, partner motivators and engagement, event registration functionality, and a slew of new features to make life easier for suppliers were just some of the enhancements we wanted to make in 2023. By and large, we more than met our goals. Here, we have a recap of what was new for ZiftONE this year.

Where We Started

We developed ZiftONE based on customer insights, creating a world-class, industry-leading platform that combines partner marketing automation, partner relationship management, and channel learning and readiness into one platform. ZiftONE is always improving with a weekly update to ensure that everyone who uses our platform—whether they are partner marketing managers, channel executives, partner account managers, reps at VARs, MSPs, or SIs—has a consistent and modern experience with the best channel technology available.

New and Better Ways to Build Partner Engagement

Example of Tier ProgramWe updated ZiftONE Tier Programs, making it more straightforward for partners to see their tier status and what they need to do to move to the next level. We also made it easier for suppliers to track progress and either manually update tiers when it makes sense for them or let them change automatically.

We’ve thought about how to motivate individual users, too. With User Achievements, suppliers can set goals for users and award points for when they achieve them. With the new user filters in partner groups and new options for user fields in the platform, ZiftONE customers can now offer tailored experiences based on not just partner type or partner action but also who the user is and what they are doing in the platform.

We recognize that partner engagement doesn’t just occur in front of a computer. To better account for in-person activities, like events, lunch and learns, and training, we added event registration to ZiftONE, making it easy for partners to find events in their area and register in one click. Activities can be connected to courses within the platform to consider when the in-person training is the same as the partners would get online.

Making Life Easier for Suppliers

This year, we focused on giving ZiftONE customers more control over the platform and making things easier for them to do on their own.

One example of this was our improvements to bulk upload, making it easy to add more partners with all the information suppliers need to manage them. We improved our custom objects functionality, making them embeddable in pages so suppliers can get information more easily from their partners. We also added configurable displays throughout the platform so that suppliers can see the information they want.

We made it easier for companies with global programs. ZiftONE Global Admin makes it easier to operate multiple partner programs with various channel configurations with a shared view with analytics across different sub-accounts and centralized management of all admin roles, ensuring that the right people have the right access.

We took on our first foray into AI by helping suppliers develop partner-facing content with an embedded AI tool. From portal pages to portal posts, to to-partner communications, it’s now easier to figure out what to say with AI.

Moving forward

We constantly improve the ZiftONE platform with an update every week. Looking ahead to 2024, there are many improvements on the horizon. ZiftONE customers will get more advanced technologies added to the platform, with the addition of AI into more features and machine learning integrated in the platform. Recognizing the shift from traditional partner programs to modern ecosystems, we’re adding features to support more partner types and looking to improve our Marketplace feature. We will be bringing major changes to our award-winning through-partner marketing automation feature suite to modernize it and improve the partner and supplier experience.

We have big plans for 2024, so stay tuned to see how we’re leading the pack with feature updates next year!