Have you found yourself wishing you could collect useful information about your partner users, such as location details or job titles, thereby enabling you to offer a truly custom partner portal experience that takes into account their role, location or training? Wish no more. With ZiftONE partner user fields and user segmentation rules in Partner Groups, you can collect information from everyone who logs into your partner portal, or take into account their individual actions, and offer content accordingly.

The possibilities are endless. Got a Lunch and Learn scheduled in New Hampshire for certified partner technicians? With user fields, you can make it visible only to those located in New Hampshire, and with user segmentation rules, you can limit it to those who have completed the certification online or in-person. This is especially helpful if you have larger national or global partners who have staff in multiple locations. You can track their staff’s information so that they see what’s relevant to their region and role.

ZiftONE makes it easy to customize as little or as much as you want to. Filters can be applied to content and collateral, courses, certifications, onboarding plans, marketing plans, and more. You can easily gate pages within your portal view to certain user types and partners, create entirely different menu structures for specific Partner Groups, and even have different information displayed within a portal page based on Partner Group membership.

Not getting the customization you need out of your current partner portal solution? See ZiftONE in action and start a conversation with us.