Make your partner experience legendary.

Happy partners come from a better portal. ZiftONE's Partner Relationship Management platform provides training, an info-rich collateral library, and detailed reporting to simplify the partner experience. The faster partners can use your portal, the quicker they can sell. It's no wonder ZiftONE users saw a 34% reduction in time-to-revenue for partners.

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Improve your partner relationships with approachable education and training tools that are built into the platform.


Access our dynamic portal page builder, giving partners the customized experience they deserve.

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Stay ahead of your partners' training needs. ZiftONE's learning tools make education easy to track.

ZiftONE's tools were built with Partner Enablement top-of-mind.

Portal Builder

Give partners the portal they want.

Zift is designed to help you take on more work without hiring additional staff. Through the ZiftONE Portal Builder, create and update portal pages without coding knowledge. If you need it, Zift’s services team is there to offer additional support in creating portal pages.

  • Utilize drag-and-drop technology
  • Access eye-catching templates
  • Create as many pages as you need
  • Do (or don't!) require log-ins
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Channel Learning & Readiness

Help your partners level up.

Simplify training by integrating it into where your partners already are: the ZiftONE portal. Generate timely, interactive courses, filter by product relevance, and make your training globally available without running into scheduling conflicts – all within our SCORM-compliant training module.

  • Create custom course tracks
  • Embed videos and quizzes
  • Filter based on partner group
  • Track completed trainings
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Collateral Library & Folders

Display the right content on demand.

When it comes to content type, the sky’s the limit. Upload playbooks, data sheets, brochures, solution guides, and much more to your collateral library to equip partners with the exact type of content they need… exactly when they need it.

  • Filter content by partner type
  • Use filter and search functionality
  • Package content by subject
  • Enable co-branding of content
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Analytics Dashboards

Shine a light on your channel data.

ZiftONE’s advanced data and reporting feature functionality makes it clear what’s working and what isn’t, saving you time and effort as you run your channel program. Gain the crucial visibility that you need to better understand your partners.

  • Oversee your program pipeline
  • Share key metrics with execs
  • Track crucial performance
  • Individualize your reported metrics
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Partner Enablement Doesn't End There

ZiftONE’s additional functionality gets ahead of what your program and partners need. Monitor full-channel performance to be equipped to grow – and improve – your partners.

Make it easy for your partners to know what they need to do – and keep everyone on the same page in terms of expectations.

Equip your partners with what they need to succeed.

Create measurable goals around count of approved accounts, number of registered deals, and more.

Hold partners accountable to success.

Set up training certifications that can be shared with partners and monitored for completion.

Keep results out in the open.

Automated measurement is viewable to both suppliers and partners.

Develop a faster, more efficient onboarding process to create active partners – earlier.

Provide a structured path to progress.

Guide partners to the content and actions that will familiarize them with your company and brand to set them up for success.

Share your company's value prop through collateral.

Use training courses and additional collateral to represent your brand. Build portal pages that show partners how to get the most out of their relationship with you.

Create a partner program ready to rep your company.

Through onboarding plans, partners are more equipped to share the supplier’s value proposition and products to end customers.

Translate leads from sales and marketing into lead and deal registrations.

ZiftONE makes it easy for partners to manage and nurture leads.

In-platform reporting makes it simple for you and your partners to see who is targeting which customers.

Avoid friction between partners and internal sales teams.

Once a lead has been assigned to and accepted by a partner, the closed-loop process begins to track the sales touches and opportunities generated.

Keep lead registration out in the open.

Any updates to the lead records and related opportunities are reported directly back to your CRM system.

Improve partner relationships with Zift’s easy-to-use deal registration.

Help your partners register deals faster than ever before.

Zift's basic one-step online form connects with your pricelist and fills in your partner’s existing contacts and leads.

Sales teams can identify conflict before it happens.

Zift’s deal registration dashboard and analytics reports makes it clear what's coming down the pipeline.

Equip your team with holistic program visibility.

Integrate ZiftONE with your CRM, enabling you and everyone you work with to make decisions that matter.

Funnel hot leads to the right partners so a sales opportunity never passes you by.

Ensure partners are seeing the leads that are right for them.

Route leads by territory rules, performance measures, or contractual commitments.

Use the PRM that supports a collaborative sales process.

ZiftONE automatically assigns and distributes qualified leads via email notifications or by syncing into partners’ CRM systems.

Establish rapport, nurture prospects, and close more deals.

Include profile data (name, company, etc.) and lead history (campaign, emails opened/clicked, website views, etc.)


Let us show you how ZiftONE can empower your partners.



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