ZiftONE aligns the systems between manufacturers and distributors to speed and sustain channel growth.

Today’s manufacturers are under intense pressure to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve operational visibility. Top that with either a disengaged distributor network – or one clamoring for digital marketing capabilities – plus an inability to track leads or measure ROI – and it’s no wonder manufacturers are missing opportunities to drive growth. ZiftONE offers an all-in-one solution for all your dealer network needs.

What if:

All your data was visible and actionable from one dashboard?

Distributors could work within the systems they already know?

Multi-tactic digital marketing was made simple?

You could see where leads are going just as clearly as you can track your parts across the supply chain?

With Zift, you can.

“For many manufacturers, lead status is a black hole. In today’s business climate, speed is critical. Processes and systems between manufacturers and distributors must be aligned for success.”

From Connected Factory to Connected Channel

You’ve connected your factories: Focused on eliminating data silos, increased visibility, integrated operations. Now, apply the same principles to your distributor network.

Modern Manufacturers Use Zift To:

Maximize Marketing Spend

Engage & Enable Dealers

Leverage Digital Technology

(beyond spec sheets)

Create Digital Sales Tool

Automate Lead Distribution

Streamline Channel Marketing

Simplify PRM

Measure ROI

You may be a manufacturer first, marketer second. But your distributors are top of mind and essential to your business strategy. Zift’s channel experts, best practices and powerful tech come together under ZiftONE to align the systems and processes between manufacturers and distributors. With Zift, you get real-time visibility and collaborative marketing and sales tools within a powerful consolidated control center to empower you and your distributors do less while earning more.

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