Because happier partners mean better business.

No one knows your channel partners like you do. Your PRM software should reflect that. ZiftONE’s partner relationship management capabilities provide a truly tailored experience for everyone in your channel program. ZiftONE users saw a 47% increase in partner engagement – here's how:


Automatically identify and group partners so you can send personalized communications with the click of a button.


Equip partners with an easy portal builder, so they can make ZiftONE their own.


Show the content that's relevant to the right partners, so everyone gets exactly what they need... And nothing they don't!

ZiftONE's features were built with Partner Relationship Management top-of-mind.

Partner Explorer

Manage and understand each of your partners.

With Partner Explorer, filter and manage your partners through a series of dedicated pages. Each page gives greater insight into your partners and their account. Use this information to manage roles, add or remove users to ZiftONE, and measure partner engagement with the portal. Generate data snapshots and partner-specific reporting perfect for QBRs.

  • See how partners are performing
  • View portal activity (or inactivity)
  • Connect activities to revenue
  • Track use of marketing materials
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Partner Portal

Welcome partners to their new home.

ZiftONE’s fully customizable partner portal means you can deliver content to only partners who need it. The best part? Our functionality means there’s no HTML knowledge needed to make the portal look and feel like your brand.

  • Filter content by user and campaign
  • Share only the most relevant info
  • Utilize deal management tools
  • Gain high-level progress overviews
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Custom Portal Pages

Made for your unique channel program.

Within the ZiftONE portal, add specialized pages that are organized based on your channel program and objectives. Use these pages to educate partners. Portals have built-in design flexibility, enabling programs to develop an experience unique to their users.

  • Generate unique URLs
  • Use drag and drop functionality
  • Harness unique stylistic options
  • Do (or don't!) require log-ins
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Partner Groups

Deliver the right content at the right time.

More isn’t always better. Use ZiftONE’s Partner Groups functionality to send key messages, campaigns, and collateral to specific segments. You can even create portal views to meet the needs of different types – or roles – of partners.

  • Create groups based on metadata
  • Segment by partner type/persona
  • Tap into dynamic segmentation
  • Gain a simple, intuitive builder
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Registration & Onboarding

Onboard partners like you mean it.

Register and onboard your partners with customizable page templates, forms, and onboarding paths. ZiftONE makes it easier to bring partners up to speed on your company’s ins and outs. The faster the onboarding, the faster the selling can start.

  • Use the domain matching option
  • Automate matching records
  • Drive activation and engagement
  • Educate partners on your company
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CRM Connections

Road blocks? Not on our watch.

Integrate business workflows and data between ZiftONE and your CRM; whether it’s Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Zoho, SugarCRM or something else. Automated syncs mean your team is getting the latest data from all ends. Channel business will never stop on our account.

  • Have one source of reporting
  • Integrate your data elements
  • Synchronize in real-time
  • Access up-to-date data
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Partner Relationship Management Doesn't End There

ZiftONE’s additional functionality handles your partner relationships in one place. This means you can actually see how your program, partners, and pipeline function.

ZiftONE's advanced data and reporting make it clear what's working and what isn't, saving you time and effort.

Use data to paint a clear picture of your program.

From there, figure out what is truly driving revenue and pipeline generation.

Share key metrics with end-users and executives.

Generate reports and give them visibility into channel lifecycles, pipeline growth, partner participation, and performance.

Track performance and trends by month, quarter, or year over year.

Metrics can be individualized and even broken down to one or a handful of accounts.

Make it easy for your partners to know what they need to do – and keep everyone on the same page in terms of expectations.

Equip your partners with what they need to succeed.

Create measurable goals around count of approved accounts, number of registered deals, and more.

Hold partners accountable to success.

Set up training certifications that can be shared with partners and monitored for completion.

Keep results out in the open.

Automated measurement is viewable to both suppliers and partners.

Using ZiftONE’s segmentation, track and manage partner achievements.

Create brand new segments.

Track your highest performing partners or those with the highest growth potential.

Limit content to the appropriate partners.

This can be utilized for content that requires specific steps, such as onboarding.

Reuse achievements across user groups.

Enable a multi-layered approach to partner segmentation.

Connect potential buyers with partners through Zift's unique find-a-partner service.

Sort by geography, partner tier, or other criteria.

Buyers can find the partners they need near them, then reach out accordingly through the partners' public profile.

Flexible display options give you control.

Utilize customization for Partner Locator. Then, hand the reins to your partners to manage their own profiles.

Watch the leads roll in with Partner Locator.

Contacts through the portal convert to leads, so you can see who is being contacted and determine whether or not it's converting to a deal.

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