Equip your Partners to Slay the Status Quo

Success in channel sales doesn’t happen by accident. Getting an edge comes through commitment, savvy and, sometimes, good fortune. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt if you have an indomitable will to win and tools that enable you to spend more time making channel deals and less time finding, tracking and reporting data. And if that last part sounds especially appealing, you’re going to love ZiftONE Channel Sales.

Outpace and outwit your competition

  • Deliver selling and intelligence tools to counter competitive threats
  • Arm partners with key messages and value propositions
  • Continually train on new content and selling practices

Build business plans that support mutual accountability

  • Track partner contribution to pipeline
  • Quickly and easily prep for your QBRs
  • Invest your time managing the future, not just reporting the past

Quantify pipeline health at every stage

  • Link digital marketing and social selling to your pipeline
  • Track lead progress through the funnel to deal close
  • Invest in high-performing activities and campaigns (and de-invest in those that aren’t)

Manage deal progression and closing

  • Identify stalled deals
  • Offer support to partners working key opportunities
  • Provide value-added guidance based on deal progress

Turn partners into advocates

  • Build a clear preference for your solution and services
  • Use influence and information to transform your partners into raving fans
  • Build lasting partner relationships that pay enduring dividends


ZiftONE Channel Sales Tools

There’s no great surprise that channel sales leaders are looking for “fewer fusses with more plusses.” What might be surprising is just how well ZiftONE aligns with that philosophy — and just how much practical power you’ll find when you put it to work.

Simplified deal registration

  • Simplify program compliance with deal registration through a quick and highly intuitive registration process
  • Correctly attribute deals to the right (i.e., registering) partners
  • Ensure your partner’s deal protection throughout the lifecycle
  • Automatically sync registered deals to both your CRM and to your partner’s

Continual sales enablement

  • Educate partners to market and sell your solution
  • Arm sellers with playbooks for winning against chief competitors
  • Teach sellers best practices for winning in key markets

Automated lead management

  • Easily distribute leads based on your business processes
  • Ensure valuable leads don’t get lost
  • Track lead lifecycle to uncover insights on buying patterns

Deal lifecycle management

  • Track and trace leads from creation through close
  • Gain visibility to opportunities and deals in the pipeline
  • See the pipeline value of marketing-generated leads to seller-generated leads
  • Securely sync opportunities with your CRM and your partners’ CRM
  • Measure performance of indirect marketing and selling efforts to set budgets and business expectations

Business & QBR planning

  • Transparently manage your partners’ business goals and objectives with ZiftONE’s Business Planner
  • Capture, track and measure partners’ actual marketing and sales against stated targets
  • Use fresh intel to offer partners suggestions on next steps to engage lingering prospects

Sales analytics 

  • Identify the leading opportunities and top-performing partners through the Partner Leaderboard
  • Track partner engagement impact on leads and deals registered
  • Ensure deals are progressing by overseeing opportunities by sales stage or partner owner

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Through customized, highly intuitive admin dashboards, ZiftONE makes it easy — enjoyable, even — for your partners to stay engaged with your brands.

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Give your PAMs/CAMs the data they need to focus partners on high-value activities, to keep them armed with the right info, and to hold them accountable for their performance.

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ZiftONE puts you in command of multi-touch digital marketing campaigns designed to generate leads — and support pipeline growth — all day, every day.

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ZiftONE gives you powerful tools to keep partners skilled up and ready to sell, with webinar management, testing and exams, partner certifications and so much more.

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ZIFTONE Technical Information

Thanks to robust brand and partner connectors, ZiftONE helps you seamlessly centralize and segment data from all the systems you and your partners use.

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From guiding you through the intricacies of recruiting and onboarding to creating winning campaigns, ZiftONE channel services help you shine.

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