Nothing gets in the way of a deal faster than the nervous hums and haws of ill-informed partner representatives who know that they don’t know their stuff. Thankfully, with ZiftONE Channel Learning, continual education — building, sharing and tracking uptake on content about your solutions — doesn’t have to be a grueling task.

Provide the Education and Training You Need to Continue to Build Relationships with Partners

ZiftONE’s learning management system (LMS) gives you a streamlined toolset for delivering education to channel partners in a way that makes it easy for them to stay engaged and easy for you to stay in control. With ZiftONE you will deliver timely, interactive training to upskill partners and keep them up-to-date with your current offerings, enabling them and maximizing your return on channel investment. ZiftONE’s learning and development capabilities empower you to create data-informed, technology-driven, partner-centered learning experiences that can be filtered to provide differentiated educational experiences by partner tier or organizational role. ZiftONE’s SCORM-compliant training module allows you to create course tracks with videos and quizzes to drive certifications or just build partner knowledge.

Use ZiftONE to train partners worldwide and in all time zones, offering the same types of information you would face-to-face or via webinar. You can create training for one specific partner, offering the same level of customization they would get if you presented to them directly – all without the issues of scheduling and time conflicts.

ZiftONE Channel Learning Certifications

Build and deploy new courses with ease. You can build a course in ZiftONE by creating a module made up of your mp4, .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx, .pdf, or SCORM files. Within ZiftONE you can easily build quiz questions around these materials and package them together to create a course for your partners to take. You can also easily re-combine modules to create endless possibilities of customized courses to meet your partners’ needs.

Zift module details

Partner learning and readiness involves more than just onboarding new partners. You can also use the LMS within ZiftONE to help grow mature partners or help them showcase their knowledge through certifications. For your organization, the value of courses and certifications is in ensuring that your partners can represent your offering as consistently and effectively as possible. Participation in a course or certification is an important metric when evaluating partner enablement. For your partners, courses provide
valuable training to effectively execute your partner program, while certifications provide tangible evidence of their relationship with your organization and increase their credibility with potential customers.

certificate dashboard

ZiftONE includes both training progress tracking and analytics dashboards to help you keep track of your partners’ progress, which courses are effective, and which ones are not getting used. If someone has gotten stuck or stopped midway through certification, you’ll be able to reach out directly to nudge them. Using the ZiftONE LMS also means that training is included in partner analytics, so you can get a true understanding of what a partner is and is not doing to become successful and what e-learning courses are being adopted. This data can be used to inform what types of courses to create in the future and identify training gaps.

training progress dashboard

Simplify Your Partner Experience and Drive Engagement with Your Resources

Collateral Library and Folders

Make it easy for partners to get the right playbooks, data sheets and solution guides. With Zift, you can filter content so that it only shows to partners able to sell that particular product. With the filters and search functionality on the partner portal, your partners can drill down to the exact content that they are looking for.
You can also package content about the same subject together in a folder with ZiftONE’s Collateral Programs function, making it even easier for partners to find everything they need to initiate product or service sales.

portal collateral

Help Your Partners Adapt and Flourish

Onboarding Plans

Create a smooth onboarding process to get your partners activated and engaged. By providing a structured path to progress, you can guide your partners to the content and actions that will familiarize them with your company and brand to better set them up for success. Educate them on your company’s value proposition with training courses, collateral that represents your brand and positioning, and portal pages that tell them how to get the most out of their relationship with you. With an onboarding plan, partners are more strongly equipped to explain the supplier’s value proposition and products to end customers.

onboarding plans

Success Plans

The channel is changing. Make sure your partners are ready to adapt with it. As we move into an as-a-service world, it’s more important than ever to communicate and educate your partners. With Success Plans:

  • Your partners know what they can do to be empowered with plans based on the actions of your best performers
  • You and your partners stay on the same page in terms of expectations – and your partners know what steps they must take to achieve success
  • Create measurable goals your partners will be accountable and ready to achieve, including around count of approved accounts, number of registered deals, number of campaign leads, total closed deals or training certifications
  • Partners can view their progress on their Partner Portal and your team can view it in ZiftONE’s Partner Explorer
  • Assign by partner type, partner tier, individually, or by any grouping you choose
success plans

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