Equip your partners with the know-how they need to succeed.

Nothing gets in the way of a deal faster than the nervous hems and haws of ill-informed partner representatives who don’t know their stuff. Thankfully, with ZiftONE Channel Learning, continual education — building, sharing, and tracking uptake on content about your solutions — can be enjoyable for partners and easy for you to manage.


Deliver education to channel partners in a way that makes it easy for them to stay engaged and easy for you to stay in control.


Build and share new courses (in a variety of file formats) that are customized to meet your partners' unique needs.


Track your partners' training process to see which courses are effective and which ones are (or aren't) being used.

ZiftONE makes it easy to build knowledgeable partners with its built-in Learning Management System (LMS).

Deliver timely, interactive training directly to your channel partners.

Create data-informed, partner-centered learning experiences.

Filter to provide differentiated educational experiences by partner tier or organizational role.

Harness the power of ZiftONE’s SCORM-compliant training module.

You can build a course in ZiftONE by creating a module made up of your mp4, .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx, .pdf, or SCORM files.

Use ZiftONE to train partners worldwide, in all time zones.

Create training for any partner type – even a single one – to provide a truly personalized experience.

Build and deploy new courses with ease, then track efficacy.

The course possibilities are endless.

Re-combine modules to create endless possibilities of customized courses to meet your partners’ needs.

Create a quiz or course; the content is up to you!

Within ZiftONE you can easily build quiz questions around these materials and package them together to create a course for your partners to take.

Have your partners hit a dead end? Track it.

Monitor partners' progress. If someone has gotten stuck or stopped midway through certification, you’ll be able to reach out directly to nudge them.

Partner learning and readiness involve more than just onboarding new partners.

Go beyond partner onboarding.

Use the LMS to grow mature partners or help them showcase their knowledge through certifications.

Use courses to ensure effective representation.

Make it easy for your organization to check whether or not partners represent you as well as they can.

Give partners the power of efficacy.

Certifications provide evidence of their relationship with your organization and increase their credibility.

Collateral Library and Folders

Put the right content in the right hands.

Make it easy for partners to access playbooks, data sheets, and solutions guides. Filter content so the exact partners who need it are seeing it.

  • Package content by subject
  • Put relevant info in partners' hands
  • Filter by the product sold
  • Utilize search functionality
Get Started

The Channel Learning Support Doesn't End There

With Onboarding Plans and Success Plans, help partners flourish in their new portal. Get them activated, engaged, and then create mutual plans for success so they know which benchmarks you’ve got your eyes on.

Provide a structured path to progress.

Guide partners to the content and actions that will familiarize them with your company and brand to set them up for success.

Share your company's value prop through collateral.

Use training courses and additional collateral to represent your brand. Build portal pages that show partners how to get the most out of their relationship with you.

Create a partner program ready to rep your company.

Through onboarding plans, partners are more equipped to share the supplier’s value proposition and products to end customers.

Equip your partners with what they need to succeed.

Create measurable goals around count of approved accounts, number of registered deals, and more.

Hold partners accountable to success.

Set up training certifications that can be shared with partners and monitored for completion.

Keep results out in the open.

Automated measurement is viewable to both suppliers and partners.

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