Anyone who sells your product should know how to market it

Whether that’s a contractor, distributor, or manufacturer’s rep, a full understanding of your product is crucial for sales success.

ZiftONE offers a suite of essential features designed to meet your unique needs. Get seamless partner onboarding, specialized training and certification programs, optimized lead distribution, streamlined deal registration, and detailed performance tracking with the only PRM platform tailored for your HVAC business.

What if:

It was easy to educate and enable all your sellers?

You could leverage digital technology to drive engagement and more sales?

Everyone who sells your products could find, customize, and co-brand their own materials?

With Zift, you can.

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Equip sellers to understand—and know how to talk about—your solutions

Do your reps, distributors, and contractors understand your product and know how to talk about it clearly? Get them there with online training. With ZiftONE you can manage everything from quick and easy courses to extended certifications.


Give sellers something to show—and make it easy to find

Even when a contractor is representing you, they’re also representing themselves. They want prospective customers to know who they are and how to contact them.

Within ZiftONE, create marketing materials and technical documentation for your sellers that can be co-branded with their logo and contact information. Wherever a seller is, you’ll be fully represented with your best materials and specs while still reinforcing value. Best of all, ZiftONE makes it easy for your reps, contractors, and distributors to locate the resources they need before meetings.

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Enable brand and product promotionwith the touch of a button

Use ZiftONE to help sellers promote products and your brand at the same time. Make it happen by:

  • Connecting sellers’ existing social media accounts. In only a couple of clicks, on either a company level or through personal accounts, they’ll be able to share posts directly from you.
  • Sending customized email campaigns, including ones tied to Zoom or Cisco Webex webinars.
  • Dropping a page into sellers’ websites that can automatically change anytime you update it.
  • Sharing product overviews and other videos that can be easily co-branded and shared by your partners.

Product and brand promotion connects directly to lead tracking and scoring, so sellers can immediately identify who is really interested in buying. They can then share this information with you through lead or deal registration in the platform.

Help customers find the people who *really* know your products

By using ZiftONE’s Locator feature, all of your reps, contractors, and distributors can be found by location and specialty. Use Locator to easily update personal details and ensure that contact information is up-to-date.

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Data? We’ve got it for days

ZiftONE doesn’t just empower your contractors, distributors, reps and dealers. It also empowers you. Use ZiftONE to monitor who is engaged, who isn’t, and what activities are driving sales.

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