Channel challenges? Meet Zift.

With two decades of industry experience, ZiftONE was built and is supported by people who understand your program’s pain points. Say goodbye to mismanaged data, confusing and outdated partner portals, and customer service that leaves you wanting more.

Support your entire partner ecosystem. With ZiftONE, now you can:

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Improve the partner experience - and see your program success skyrocket.

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Manage (and simplify) the flow from marketing and lead generation to sales.

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Gain clarity through consistent oversight of your funnel, from top to bottom.

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Hone in on the metrics that matter most with rich in-platform analytics and reporting.


Make program management easier with the solution built as one to work as one.

Partner Management

Partner experience, but make it (really) personal.

Put a personal touch on your partner management. With a portal tailored to each of your unique partners, they’ll get a customized experience. In turn, you’ll get partners who are better enabled – and ready to achieve ROI.

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Channel Marketing

Harness the power of the #1 marketing platform.

ZiftONE is ranked #1 in Through-Channel Marketing Automation for a reason. Manage all of your marketing materials in one place. Create partner communications without coding. We like to call this a win/win.

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Channel Sales

Capture the full picture of your program's pipeline.

Gain accurate insights into your program through ZiftONE’s reporting. Afterward, take that knowledge to the bank… Better pipeline visibility means you’re equipped to make smarter business decisions.

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Channel Learning

Bridge knowledge gaps, then prevent them.

Set your partners up for success with ZiftONE’s built-in learning management system. Help partners gain familiarity with your product, then equip them with the information they need to sell it well.

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Join the ranks of industry leaders.

They say you’re known by the company you keep. Sounds good to us. We’re proud to serve channel leaders worldwide who share a common trait: They commit to driving a better buyer experience through better channel management – backed by the highest levels of security and privacy of data.

Winning outcomes.

Make the number crunchers happy. ZiftONE delivers real results.


Increase in touches with customers and prospects


Increase in partner engagement


Increase in channel sales productivity


Decrease in administrative and account management costs


Reduction in time to revenue from partners


Partner community growth within 4 months of launch

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