Managing and motivating your channel partners is complicated.

Marketing. Sales. Operations. One way or another, pretty much everyone touches your channel. Thankfully, ZiftONE makes it easy to keep everyone aligned, on-task and on-target.

Ten Benefits from ONE Platform

Expand and accelerate your pipeline activity

Generate entirely new levels of demand through timely, always-on nurture campaigns that speed pipeline velocity.

Launch a marketplace for your partners

Now, partners can buy approved products, services, or even partner-created offerings directly from your marketplace. MDF and BDF are welcome.

Get a Full View of Your Channel with Easily Integrated Systems

Thanks to our exclusive CRM Connector, you can leverage both hands-free lead sharing and tracking of ongoing Marketing and Sales efforts.

Demonstrate the value of your channel programs

Skip the vanity metrics in favor of real attribution data that lets you connect the true impact of your channel efforts to pipeline and sales outcomes.

Help your partners thrive in a virtual sales environment

When web meetings and virtual roundtables replace events and in-person meetings, ZiftONE gives your partners what they need to stay engaged.

Spread the word naturally through enhanced social selling

Use ZiftONE to automate partners’ posts and social messages 24x7— with no work (let alone “heavy lifting”) required by your partners.

Show why “knowledge is power”— always

You can poise your partners for success by continually sharing content with buyer communities through inline content- and web-syndication capabilities.

Streamline routine planning and optimize partner management

Easily interact with every vendor through the personalized partner portal, which can be dynamically tailored to qualifications, roles, behaviors, etc.

Arm your CAMs and PAMs with valuable analytics

Through ZiftONE, your account managers get access to high-value reporting to track progress of entire channels, groups of partners or specific partners.

Keep your digital marketing fresh without knowing code

You and your partners will love how easy it is to create and update professional, multitouch marketing campaigns (no more owing favors to IT.)

Winning Outcomes

The number crunchers in your organization will have a special affinity for the value Zift can deliver. (Here’s a little proof they can take to the bank.)


Increase in touches with customers and prospects


Expansion of market reach


Reduction in lead lifecycle


Partner ROI


Faster partner pipeline growth when using digital marketing


Boost in deal registration


Channel Leaders Deserve a Leading Channel Solution

They say you’re known by the company you keep. Sounds good to us. Because we’re proud to serve channel leaders worldwide who share a common trait: They commit to driving a better buyer experience through better enterprise channel management.

Ready to Talk?

We’re here to listen. And if our unique approach to enterprise channel management is a good fit for your organization, rest assured, we’ll be ready, willing and able to turn words into action.