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Partner Enablement

Partner relationships aren’t built overnight, but they can be improved with a positive portal experience. Drive partner engagement with customized experiences, while providing the analytics and flexibility you need to adapt your partner program as quickly as the channel changes.

Zift’s channel platform helps you:

  • Grow your partners and improve partner relationships with training, searchable collateral, a better lead and deal registration experience, onboarding, and success plans.
  • Seamlessly create and update dynamic custom portal pages without any code. With drag and drop technology and easy to use templates, you can create as many visually interesting pages as you need to drive engagement to the platform.
  • Deliver timely, interactive training to upskill partners and keep them up-to-date with your current offerings.
  • Make it easy for partners to get the right playbooks, data sheets, and solution guides. Filter content so that it only appears for the partners who sell that particular product. Additionally, package content about the same subject in one folder for quick access.
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Channel Chief

We get it: As a Channel Chief, you’re constantly playing offense or defense. You’re either having to connect the dots that tie Marketing and Sales success together or you’re having to justify your spend. The good news? Either way, you’ll find Zift to be the perfect teammate.

By helping you keep an active pulse on your channel program, Zift lets you:

  • Measure the specific metrics most important to your organization (everything from channel profitability and margins to key partner metrics, like cost of acquisition, retention and turnover rates)
  • Uncover previously elusive channel insights about your pipeline and program performance from both internal and partner systems
  • Achieve true transparency thanks to extensive drill-down capabilities that provide critical perspectives on partner activities and pipeline builds
  • Shape or shift go-to-market (GTM) and route-to-market (RTM) strategies and tactics
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Channel Marketing

If you think the unwritten rules dominating today’s digital and social marketing landscape are dynamic, just wait until you see tomorrow’s. On second thought, don’t do that. Instead, launch Zift right now to seize control and future-proof your Channel Marketing through a platform that helps you:

  • Accelerate rollouts and maintain partner engagement through fast-track content uploading and updating (and, in turn, ace the “recency + frequency + perceived value = content success” formula)
  • Enable partners to create highly targeted single-touch or multi-touch campaigns that can be tracked, measured and adapted on-the-fly based on prospect responses
  • Keep partners attentive and producing through an easy-to-use, data-rich, continuously updated Partner Portal
  • Demonstrate precisely how your marketing activities link to deals through ZiftONE’s Deal Attribution reporting
  • Maintain a consistent competitive edge against others battling for the same partner mindshare, no matter what new “digital mandates” are thrown your way
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Channel Sales

Not every deal is equal, and getting your partners to focus on high-value pipeline activities can be a challenge when you’re having to fight for attention. Hesitate for just a moment, and the army of partner evangelists you’ve cultivated might switch allegiance to a competitor.

Fortunately, when you rely on Zift, you get exactly what you need to drive revenue through the channel, manage partner pipelines, execute field strategies, prep sales reports and much more:

  • Activate partners by ensuring access to the right product portfolio information at the right time in the right way
  • Equip your PAMs and CAMs with real-time data that enables them to invest more time collaborating and co-selling with partners who are trending behind established targets
  • Make the most of quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with partners to shine a spotlight on what’s working — and point the right resources (timely buyer feedback, new strategies, additional support, etc.) to what’s not
  • Deliver true transparency and accountability in your market development fund (MDF) allocations
  • Connect with partners’ CRM systems to access valuable end-to-end insights from deal registration to close
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Information Technology

Every addition to an organization’s tech stack runs the risk of being a boulder . . . or the promise of being a balloon.

That’s why Zift has industry-exclusive CRM connectors and powerful out-of-the-box functionality. Channel Operations and IT pros appreciate the control that Zift gives them in ensuring greater efficiencies (and fewer headaches) in application integration and software administration. The end result? A lift to your entire channel, including new capabilities to:

  • Leverage a single platform for integrating multiple marketing, sales and operations functions (streamlining every related task in the process, from protocol development to onboarding to training)
  • Make easy connections to your existing systems via ZiftONE’s out-of-the-box connectors
  • Maximize value from resources available through the Zift DevZone portal, including detailed how-to guides, sample code, testbeds and more
  • Help partners simplify their own processes (making life easier for everyone on your end of the line, too)
  • Optimize and extend the value of your current investments in channel technology


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Revenue Operations

Directors and managers in Revenue Operations are under intense pressure to have greater pipeline visibility, drive process compliance, and optimize channel partner relationships. Top that with too many tools that need to be utilized – or existing ones lacking user adoption – and it’s not a surprise that alignment isn’t happening. The ZiftONE platform enables you to:

  • Gain visibility into your pipeline data, as well as take actionable insights away
  • Achieve – and maintain – data hygiene
  • Share the content that your partners need in a single platform
  • See where your leads are going, and then respond accordingly
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