Zift Solutions is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company.

Users of the ZiftONE platform rely on it for a flexible method for executing marketing activities, as well as managing, selling through, and educating channel partners. ZiftONE was designed to ensure uptime and continuous performance for global programs, abiding by the privacy needs of European Union companies and programs to meet the highest security standards. Users include the following industries:

  • Marketing management
  • Sales
  • Channel enablement
  • Channel operations
  • Executive sponsors
  • Information Technology professionals

Let us show you what ZiftONE is capable of:


Extend the power of existing solutions.

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single sign on

Eliminate the need to enter usernames and passwords.

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developer portal

Everything you need to use Zift's API in one spot.

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The first step in an experience built to amaze.

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Technology Architecture and Global Capabilities

Find out more about the backbone of our products.

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Zift is secure to the core.

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For most CRM integrations an embedded Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is utilized. With this tool, Zift can build comprehensive integrations to ZiftONE for customers.

ZiftONE typically integrates with CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. For Microsoft Dynamics 365, ZiftONE has an  out-of-the-box preconfigured integration. Some of our customers have chosen to integrate ZiftONE with their digital asset management (DAM) platforms and their existing learning management systems. If you have questions about this, our integration team will work with you and your existing tech stack to ensure that ZiftONE is serving your needs. Find out more about integrations with ZiftONE.

Additionally, ZiftONE also provides channel partners the unique opportunity to integrate their own CRMs to their Partner Portal.

Single Sign On (SSO)

ZiftONE integrates with common SSO systems, such as PingIdentity. You can use an existing Portal or IDP to login to the ZiftONE Partner Portal without needing to re-enter credentials.

The ZiftONE platform is also set up for SSO out, where you use Zift as an IDP and SSO out to other platforms from the ZiftONE Partner Portal. Some customers choose ZiftAdmin for SSO in, which allows you to use your organization’s Employee IDP to log in to the ZiftONE Admin site, maximizing security.

ZiftONE Developer Portal: Developer-Friendly, Web-Based API Documentation

The ZiftONE Developer Portal enables users to bring their own integrations into our system via Zift’s open API. Instead of relying on quickly outdated manuals, the web documentation in the Developer Portal is designed for easy access (and is available for channel IT developers).

Additional abilities of the Developer Portal include:

  • Developing guidance for every endpoint and attribute in ZiftONE.
  • Utilizing practical, powerful API call-testing frameworks.


Zift’s implementation process begins with workshops to get feedback from your company’s users. The goal of implementation is to ensure that we are understanding users’ needs so that the portal will match expectations and meet desired outcomes.

The implementation team continuously gets feedback throughout this process. Additionally, we work to identify any gaps in what your company may have available. From here, we can connect your team with our services team if there’s a need to build out any program element.

Our seven phase implementation process also includes training, so your users will feel equipped to solve their own problems and know where to go if something doesn’t work as expected.

Zift’s support is available 24/5 to all customers.

Technology Architecture andGlobal Capabilities

ZiftONE is delivered globally via SaaS and runs on the AWS Cloud. If your company is based in Europe with a need to meet the newer General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy requirements, ZiftONE can be hosted in Stockholm. Find out more about our technology architecture at this link.

The ZiftONE platform has a component-based microservices architecture deployed in containers on AWS EKS. The entire infrastructure is stateless and can scale to the load presented. The platform components are fronted with SSL terminating application load balancers (ALB). All distributed published assets, including application UI/Mobile, landing pages, etc., are published statically and distributed on the global Amazon S3/Cloudfront CDN network. For greater China, the application is distributed by ChinaCache for significantly improved responsiveness behind the Chinese internet firewall.

With our US and UK-based team, Zift is equipped to meet the needs of your global team – offering time zone flexibility and insights to ensure portal success.

Privacy and Security

Maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy of data for our customers and their partners is a top priority for Zift. We are CCPA and PIPEDA compliant and registered under the privacy shield and GDPR Self Assessment under IASME. We strive to meet key international privacy requirements, including GDPR. Read our Privacy Policy here.

In 2023, Zift completed its Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II audit with no exceptions for the seventh year in a row. Our security practices are based on ISO27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) including ISO 27017 (Cloud Security)/ISO 27018 (Cloud Privacy) and NIST Special Publication 800-160 Volume 1 (Systems Security Engineering).

Zift’s infrastructure uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) for accessing data centers and VPNs only using Zift owned devices. Customers who set up Single Sign On (SSO) for ZiftONE can also enable multi-factor authentication to increase productivity while keeping data secure.

When you work with Zift Solutions, you can rest assured that your contacts remain the sole ownership of your company and will not be shared with any other third party. We’ll only use your data to provide services to you, and, only with your permission, transfer data to a third party who will provide the services to you.

Zift regularly performs penetrative testing to ensure the security of our platform, ZiftONE. It is secure to the core: all data is encrypted at rest and in flight, sensitive and confidential data, including passwords, is encrypted at rest by HMAC SHA256 with a private key and random salt and data is classified for reporting by use, transactional business data, or data mart.

The security and privacy of both your team and your partner’s teams are core to the ZiftONE experience. By choosing Zift, you can be assured that your data, partners’ data, and any data you or your partners provide about customers is secure.


Through customized, highly intuitive admin dashboards, ZiftONE makes it easy — enjoyable, even — for your partners to stay engaged with your brands.

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Give your PAMs/CAMs the data they need to focus partners on high-value activities, to keep them armed with the right info, and to hold them accountable for their performance.

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ZiftONE puts you in command of multi-touch digital marketing campaigns designed to generate leads — and support pipeline growth — all day, every day.

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ZiftONE will help you increase your active partners and increase the amount of revenue-driving partners by improving partner relationships.

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ZIFTONE Technical Information

ZiftONE was designed to ensure uptime and continuous performance for global partner programs, abide by their privacy needs and to meet the highest security standards.

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From guiding you through the intricacies of recruiting and onboarding to creating winning campaigns, ZiftONE channel services help you shine.

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Let us show you how ZiftONE can empower your partners.