Putting the Smart Money on You

Channel marketing lives, eats and breathes to generate demand. Thing is, when consumers constantly change how, where and why they engage with your brand, your marketing has to help your partners keep up. And when they have a difficult time doing that, just think of ZiftONE Channel Marketing as the ace in your pocket, providing the inspiration and know-how to ensure more impactful outcomes through more timely marketing efforts.

Build pipeline even when you can’t meet face-to-face

  • Quickly help partners transition from live events to social outreach
  • Design automated nurture workflows based on buyers’ habits and intentions
  • Easily promote branded and curated social content on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  • Track all responses to campaigns
  • Support email marketing

Generate quarter-over-quarter pipeline growth

  • Generate an ongoing history of prospective buyer engagement with your solutions and their partner selling team
  • Automatically sync the same leads with each partner’s CRM

Measure ROI on marketing investments

  • Track marketing’s contribution to opportunities and closed deals
  • Maintain accountability for partner use of their allotted MDF funds
  • Steer new marketing investments to the most profitable programs and partner organizations


ZiftONE Channel Marketing Tools

The best channel tools are the ones that are so smart that they become natural extensions of the way you think. Like the ones focused on helping you gain — and maintain — mindshare among partners. Or the ones helping you create an edge against competitors seeking to edge you out. Or the ones that help you automate as many channel activities as non-humanly possible. That’s precisely what ZiftONE Channel Marketing offers — and so much more.

Co-branded content

  • Provide diverse digital and physical assets for partner co-branding
  • Use content to build value for both brands
  • Support personalized and localized partner messaging to buyers

Automated through-partner digital campaigns

  • Give every partner the power to create demand and build pipeline with ready-to-launch campaigns
  • Centralize and manage email campaigns to ensure compliance with global security standards, including GDPR and CASL
  • Build and deliver automated nurture marketing workflows to support continual buyer engagement

Automated social selling campaigns

  • Expand your partners’ presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and WeChat through prepared and scheduled social feeds
  • Boost affinity for your brand and your partners’ brand
  • Extend the value of digital assets through social channels

Agency-managed campaigns

  • Connect partners to preferred agencies to support content- or campaign-creation activities
  • Simplify partner and agency collaborations through ZiftONE’s designated services marketplace
  • Exercise control over agencies with whom your partners use for program execution

MDF management

  • Budget, allocate and track MDF
  • Ensure funds deliver your desired ROI thanks to end-to-end reporting

Marketing campaign attribution and analytics

  • Track your marketing contribution to the channel pipeline
  • Measure ROI to manage your program toward business goals
  • Steer marketing investments to high-value, proven campaigns
  • Seamlessly sync all lead and campaign intelligence into your CRM and into your partners’

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Through customized, highly intuitive admin dashboards, ZiftONE makes it easy — enjoyable, even — for your partners to stay engaged with your brands.

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Give your PAMs/CAMs the data they need to focus partners on high-value activities, to keep them armed with the right info, and to hold them accountable for their performance.

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ZiftONE puts you in command of multi-touch digital marketing campaigns designed to generate leads — and support pipeline growth — all day, every day.

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ZiftONE gives you powerful tools to keep partners skilled up and ready to sell, with webinar management, testing and exams, partner certifications and so much more.

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ZIFTONE Technical Information

Thanks to robust brand and partner connectors, ZiftONE helps you seamlessly centralize and segment data from all the systems you and your partners use.

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From guiding you through the intricacies of recruiting and onboarding to creating winning campaigns, ZiftONE channel services help you shine.

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