Because better marketing makes for a growing channel.

With ZiftONE, don’t hesitate to do it all. You can manage all of your to-, through-, and for-channel marketing materials in one place for an entire partner ecosystem. While you’re at it, create customized campaigns and content for each of your unique partner types.


Not a coder? Don't sweat it. There's no HTML knowledge needed for our channel marketing tools.


The sky is the limit. Use ZiftONE to create emails, portal pages, and microsites for your partner’s websites.


No disconnects here. Keep messaging consistent across multiple marketing campaigns for brand continuity.

Manage content and keep partners on-brand with ZiftONE's features.

Through-Partner Email Campaigns

Customize email campaigns based on partners and partner types. From there, turn around and package campaigns for your entire partner ecosystem without adding to your team’s workload.

supplier email view

Through-Partner Email Campaigns

Partners can send campaigns directly to customers, reflecting their own brand while promoting your products. For partners that send emails through other services, our API automatically connects with email automation platforms and provides copy-and-paste HTML.

partner email view

Collateral Library

Unlock the power of the right content.

No more tracking down old versions of one pagers and brochures! Empower your partners with on-brand, readily available content in the collateral library.

  • Manage a strong content mix
  • Put relevant content in partners' hands
  • Apply partners' branding to content
  • Use text blocks to plug in partners' info
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Improve partners' websites and encourage them to share your brand.

Custom Microsites and Showcases

Showcase your brand and products on your partners’ websites. Use our templates to build custom microsites and showcases that are always on-brand and on-message. Automatic updates enable you to adjust content without your partner taking any action from their end.

Portal Posts

Get communications right.

Have you struggled with keeping your partners up-to-date on your latest product news? Portal Posts are ideal for adding dynamic content, like product announcements, instant rebates, and event announcements, to your portal.

  • Add targeted, timed content
  • Enable quick-search functions
  • Publish blog-style content
  • Tap into four post styles for a unique look
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Content Distribution

Empower the long-tail.

Not every partner has the resources to market their brand, and your products, effectively. Give them what they need to be successful, without the heavy lift. For smaller partner teams, share the support of ZiftONE’s many marketing capabilities.

  • Tap into social media syndication
  • Provide concierge marketing
  • Access marketing service agencies
  • Co-brand your video content
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Engage Partners with Improved Channel Marketing

Partner engagement is key to program success. Zift’s marketing and engagement tools lead to better outreach and drive partner behavior.


To-Partner Communications

Send emails to your partners to get them engaged in your program, the portal, or even remind them about upcoming events. Use filters to identify partners by partner type or user behavior, keeping your partner outreach exceeding their needs.

hand shake

Partner Engagement Services

Need more focused partner outreach? Our partner engagement team can provide training webinars and office hours to ensure that you are easy to do business with and your partners are empowered to succeed.


MDF and Co-Op Management

Simplify the partner experience and make it easier for your partners to request MDF and co-op funding within your portal. Zift’s data shows the overall value of leads and cost per lead/per partner, empowering you to adjust your co-op and MDF programs.


Partner Portal

Keep your partners engaged with an easy-to-navigate partner portal. With our drag and drop configurations and starter templates, you can seamlessly create and update your portal on your own with custom views and pages for specific partners or partner types.


Onboarding Plans

Create a smooth onboarding process to get your partners activated and engaged. By providing a structured path to progress, you can guide your partners to the content and actions that will make your relationship mutually profitable.

books stacked

Built-In Learning

ZiftONE's learning tools empower you to use you SCORM course files to create, manage and monitor partner training with ease.  Your training program can be used for specialty certifications, product launch training, as well as for marketing or industry skill-building.

The Channel Marketing Support Doesn't End There

ZiftONE gives you the ability to measure what matters. Whether that’s KPIs or key success measures, keep everyone on the same page.

ZiftONE has comprehensive reporting baked in.

Keep track of lead registrations, attribution, which campaigns and collateral are being used, and which of partners are active.

Our analytics work for both partners and you.

For partners, harness the power of ZiftONE reporting to show them their campaign success and which engaged customers can become leads.

ZiftONE's reporting makes it clear what is (or isn't) working.

For your program visibility, quickly track what is actually driving revenue and pipeline generation.

Easily identify which partners are active.

Find this view from within your portal, so you can see who is responsible for what.

Continue your visibility into partners' actions.

See which ones need a nudge to do more in the portal and which are driving your revenue.

Start making money moves.

View both revenue performance and marketing performance on the individual partner level.

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