Prepare to embark on a journey of unparalleled customization and efficiency within your channel partner program. ZiftONE’s Custom Objects is a game-changing feature that empowers our suppliers to shape ZiftONE according to their unique needs. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the purpose, use cases, and the extraordinary impact Custom Objects can have on your business.

Unleashing the Potential of Custom Objects

Imagine a world where your channel program perfectly aligns with your business requirements, capturing and managing critical data effortlessly. Custom Objects in ZiftONE make this a reality. This powerful feature enables you to create tailored forms/workflows that streamline various processes, from warranty registrations to case study submissions, and beyond. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and embrace the power of customization.

Igniting Possibilities: Unleash Your Imagination!

  1. Warranty Registration: Simplify the process of registering warranties with a custom object that captures product details, purchase dates, and customer information. Watch as accurate record-keeping and seamless support enhance partner and customer satisfaction.
  2. Case Study Submissions: Empower partners to submit case studies with ease. Create a custom object that collects testimonials, success metrics, and supporting assets. Showcase partner achievements and amplify their success stories to inspire others. They can even be showcased in the Partner Locator as part of a partner’s public-facing profile in order to demonstrate their enthusiasm for your brand and to help generate new leads!
  3. Press Release Submissions: Do your partners have success stories that they want you to amplify? Streamline the submission and distribution of press releases. Utilize a custom object tailored specifically for this purpose, capturing launch dates, target markets, and press contact information. Increase brand exposure and make headlines by championing partner successes publicly and/or within your partner community.
  4. Demo Unit Requests: Revolutionize the way partners request demo units for prospective customer use or to enhance the partner’s presence at a trade show. Customize a form/workflow within a custom object to capture essential details such as quantity, desired timeframe, and shipping information. Make it easy for both your partner team and partners to get demo equipment to where it is needed.

Why Empower Your Channel Program With Custom Objects?

Addressing the Jobs To Be Done

Custom Objects has the potential to propel your channel program to new heights

  1. Simplify: Simplify the process of capturing and organizing partner-related information. Custom Objects in ZiftONE eliminate the need for manual tracking or disparate systems, enabling you to easily manage data in a centralized and structured manner. Goodbye chaos, hello streamlined data management processes.
  2. Enable: With Custom Objects, you can create forms/workflows that serve the unique needs of you and your partner audience. If your partners are asking for a tool that doesn’t exist yet, simply create it yourself and differentiate yourself from other suppliers that your partners may work with.
  3. Elevate: With Custom Objects, you can deliver an even more personalized and partner-centric experience. With a rapid means of creating tools that enhance your partners’ business processes, you will naturally foster stronger relationships and increase the likelihood of success. Custom Objects deliver on the promise of seamless, intuitive, and customized tools that make partners feel valued and supported.

The Deep Connections

Custom Objects, Partner Locator, and Partner Groups

Prepare to be amazed by the deep connections Custom Objects forge within the entire ZiftONE ecosystem. Imagine partners’ profiles within the Partner Locator featuring Custom Objects that the partner has submitted and that you, the Supplier, have approved. Picture a new set of Partner Groups that leverage Custom Object data to grant access to various features, tools, communications, and resources within ZiftONE, enabling targeted communication and personalized experiences throughout ZiftONE.

A New Era of Channel Partner Success

Zift recently rolled out this feature to all customers,, empowering them to unleash the power of customization, streamline processes, and elevate their partner program to unparalleled heights.

Want to bring customization and improved data collection to your partner program? Schedule a time to talk to us and find out what ZiftONE can do for your partner program.