Whether you’re adopting a new Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system or increasing your use of one, it can be hard to move your partners with you. ZiftONE’s bulk import feature makes it easy to do exactly that through a simple CSV file.

ZiftONE’s existing bulk upload feature has been revisited and improved. Now suppliers can carry over the information of all fields – including custom fields – into a bulk import. These fields are already added by ZiftONE customers in the partner registration process by using the Form Builder. Zift’s Form Builder feature allows administrators to customize each form housed in ZiftONE.

ZiftONE provides suppliers with personalized sample CSV files to follow. These files include all of the fields that are available on the registration pages. When uploading CSV files, ZiftONE will draw attention to any missing information so that suppliers can go back and correct their file.

Most suppliers use fields to create Partner Groups, which are key to filtering content and creating a customized portal experience for every partner. By adding all custom fields, Zift is ensuring that a partner’s first experience is exactly what you want them to see — without any additional lift from you.

If you’re a current ZiftONE customer, you have access to the updated bulk import feature and can try it now.

Not a customer and want better control over your portal and program? See ZiftONE in action and start a conversation with us.

partner validation
Identify which fields are missing information on the validation screen.