As we all know, partner engagement is one critical aspect of developing a smoothly-run channel program. Highly engaged partners are more likely to do their job well and result in overall ROI. In these economic times, proving ROI matters now more than ever. With that top of mind, we wanted to return to a recent webinar featuring Rockwell Automation’s Giulia Barazzutti. Giulia presented tips for partner engagement using ZiftONE’s full-service Partner Relationship Management (PRM) offerings.

Giulia explained that Rockwell’s customers are engaged by technology partners, digital partners, distributors, and more. Her webinar kicked off by sharing the ZiftONE benefits that have been most critical to engaging one particular partner type –  distributors:


By aligning Rockwell’s Sales and Marketing teams, the company promotes the same things at the same time. Giulia shared that Rockwell has seen an increase in demand and accelerated sales conversations as a result. ZiftONE’s alignment means that users can gain:

  • Increased visibility into pipeline data, as well as the ability to take actionable insights away.
  • The achievement – and maintenance – of data hygiene.
  • Easy content sharing that partners need in a single platform.
  • The ability to see where leads are going, enabling users to then respond accordingly.

Brand Messaging

ZiftONE makes it easy for a consistent, branded voice to be displayed across all types of content. In turn, this demonstrates the value of the partnership between Rockwell and its distributor teams. ZiftONE users love that its channel marketing functionality leads to:

  • Accelerated rollouts and maintenance of partner engagement through the fast-tracking of content uploading and updating.
  • Access to an easy-to-use, data-rich, continuously updated Partner Portal.
  • A consistent competitive edge against others battling for the same partner mindshare.

Time Savings

Self-service content and campaigns within ZiftONE are not only easy to find, but they’re easy to use. This means that distributors spend less time recreating Rockwell’s content and more time making sales. Measurable time savings come from: 

  • Highly targeted single-touch or multi-touch campaigns that can be tracked, measured, and adapted on-the-fly based on prospect responses.
  • The ability to demonstrate precisely how your marketing activities link to deals through ZiftONE’s Deal Attribution reporting.


Lastly, Giulia explained that Zift’s technology helps their distributors become more effective marketers. A single portal for digital marketing campaigns, execution, and analysis means that sales are made more effectively. By relying on Zift, users get exactly what they need to drive revenue through the channel, manage partner pipelines, execute field strategies, prep sales reports, and more:

  • Activate partners by ensuring access to the right product portfolio information at the right time in the right way.
  • Equip your Partner Account Managers (PAMs) and Channel Account Managers (CAMs) with real-time data that enables them to invest more time collaborating and co-selling with partners who are trending behind established targets.
  • Make the most of quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with partners to shine a spotlight on what’s working — and point the right resources (timely buyer feedback, new strategies, additional support, etc.) to what’s not.
  • Connect with partners’ CRM systems to access valuable end-to-end insights from deal registration to close.

Thank you to Giulia for presenting this info-rich webinar on Rockwell’s wins from using ZiftONE. If you’d like to follow Giulia and Rockwell, check out the following pages: