CARY, N.C. – June 29, 2023 – Zift Solutions, a leading provider of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) software, has announced the launch of its new and improved Tier Programs feature and User Achievements to help companies identify and reward both partners and individuals who work in channel partner programs.

ZiftONE Tier Programs enable partner programs to set up rules for multiple partner tiers, show partners what they need to do to meet the criteria for different partner tiers, easily monitor which partners have made progress and manually move partners up or down to different tiers if partner management teams feel they should be eligible outside program rules. Tier Programs can take into account revenue actions like deals registered, training actions like certifications completed, marketing actions like campaigns, and other aspects of partner performance. Partner program management can utilize ZiftONE’s Partner Groups to filter which Tier Program is displayed. Partners can be listed in more than one Tier Program, enabling partner programs greater flexibility. Tiers can be set to update automatically or manually; if a program changes its tier status quarterly or yearly, they are empowered to do so.

ZiftONE User Achievements rewards partner portal users for engaging with activities by granting points for every achievement completed. These can be repeatable or set to be completed one time only. When an achievement is completed it changes color, so every partner representative can easily see what they still have left to achieve. Completing an achievement earns points for the individual and shows their progress in the portal. User Achievements can be centered around marketing activities, onboarding completion, training completion, the registration of deals, lead activities, and more.

Both ZiftONE Tier Programs and User Achievements allow for custom imagery, ensuring that the look and feel of the portal are in line with each company feature and overall brand strategy.

“Motivating and rewarding partners and the people who work within partner programs are key to driving greater engagement,” Heather Tenuto, Chief Revenue Officer at Zift Solutions, said. “Making partner program compliance, like a Tier Program, easily viewable to partners is a huge step in driving this behavior. Setting goals for individual users takes this even further. These new features show Zift’s commitment to helping set customers apart from other partner programs.”

Tier Programs and User Achievements have been rolled out to customers in the powerful ZiftONE platform. They are included in Zift’s top-rated feature set with no additional licensing fee for all new customers. Current ZiftONE customers are encouraged to contact their Customer Success Manager (CSM) if they have questions about these new features.


About Zift Solutions

Founded in 2006, Zift Solutions is the only Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) tool built as one to work as one. The company’s ZiftONE platform manages the flow from onboarding to enablement, lead generation to marketing, all the way through sales. Backed by the most experienced team in the industry and fueled by the recent $70M capital investment by Investcorp, Zift has been named the only leader in both Channel Marketing Automation and Partner Relationship Management by Forrester Research and a market leader in Partner Management Software and Through-Channel Marketing Software by G2. For more information, visit