ZiftONE AI Assistant is a virtual concierge facilitating enhanced partner portal experiences and improved channel management productivity.

CARY, N.C. – February 6, 2024 Zift Solutions, the leading Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) platform, today announced ZiftONE AI Assistant, the industry’s first generative AI solution designed to assist partners with content discovery and guidance for an enhanced partner portal experience that boosts productivity, giving suppliers a competitive edge.

Effective channel management is time and labor-intensive as manufacturers and solution providers often support hundreds or thousands of partners with marketing, onboarding, training, lead generation, and deal-closing support. Many organizations manage their partner programs with inadequate, homegrown, or highly manual, resource-intensive processes, including spreadsheets, emails, and offline engagements, making it difficult for organizations to grow and scale their indirect channels.

The ZiftONE AI Assistant is the first solution to address the industry-wide struggle of resource constraints. By leveraging AI to create a virtual channel account manager, it assists partners in discovering the right content for their needs and guides them on the next best action for any task they are undertaking. This innovation will enhance overall productivity, enabling our customers to accomplish more with fewer resources and better serve their partner programs.

“Our customers want to maximize their indirect sales opportunities and do so with limited resources,” said Lionel Farr, founder/CTO of Zift Solutions. “Our investment in leveraging AI technology to cost-effectively support all partners, whether new or existing, underperforming or over-performing, through intelligent task automation, constructive conversation, and content automation, will better serve their overall partner ecosystem and help them grow faster and increase margins.”

ZiftONE AI Assistant will become available in March as a new feature on the ZiftONE platform, the all-in-one channel management solution for managing partner marketing activities, onboarding, training, and performance tracking all in one place.



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