when-you-are-the-leaderThey say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So, when we saw a competitor’s new web site (and its similarity to our own), we had to grin. We understand. Zift Solutions is the recognized leader in Channel Marketing Automation and the force behind leading edge technology that drives channel sales.

Not only are our customers some of the best channel organizations, but we have worked with nearly 10,000 partners from around the globe since we began in 2006.

We are constantly innovating. Everyone else is playing catch up. Not only to our technology and proven success framework, but even to our marketing and web design it seems. It reminds us a little of this scene from the comedy classic Coming to America.

But, hey, we’ll take the similarities as a compliment and keep doing what we do best: Helping our customers increase channel sales.

It motivates us to continue to be the leader and watch everyone else try to play catch up.