Stop Doing What Doesn't workIt’s time to rethink lead distribution and the importance of partner pipeline management.


To connect with prospects and drive sales, channel partners need sales-qualified leads reliably delivered to the right people at the right time directly where they work. They also need direct visibility across the lifecycle of a lead in order to track lead activity and easily share updates and results with suppliers. This requires infrastructure and expertise that many channel partners just don’t have.

Current Solutions Just Don’t Cut It

The fact is, most channel partners use sub-optimal point solutions such as email, CRM systems and Excel to receive and manage leads. The manual processes required to use such tools for marketing and lead distribution are time consuming and error-prone. Deal Registration and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems are also limited. Adoption of these systems is poor and visibility remains problematic, which leaves channel partners without the tools, qualified leads and insight they need to succeed.

As we’ve seen these critical challenges first-hand at Zift Solutions, we’ve recently developed a new eBook that details a dramatically different approach to lead distribution and shares best practices along with tips for using Through Partner Marketing Automation (TPMA) to nurture leads that don’t go straight to close. You’ll learn how to

  • Automate lead delivery with rules-based lead distribution
  • Deliver leads directly into the systems channel partners use every day
  • Improve the type and quality of lead data passed to partners
  • Automate reporting and track ROI
  • Incorporate best practices to establish a more collaborative and successful sales process

To transform opportunities into real revenue, read 4 Simple Steps to Drive Channel Sales with Rules-Based Lead Distribution. Then be sure to check back for follow-up blog posts, in which we’ll discuss individual steps in greater detail to help you optimize lead distribution and empower channel partners to close more deals.