This blog post is the second part in our series which aims to help suppliers transform lead distribution and empower channel partner success.

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Automate Lead DistributionWe recently discussed the value of Rethinking and Automating Lead Distribution to Transform Opportunities into Real Revenue. As Zift has helped some of the top channel organizations and nearly 10,000 channel partners automate and optimize lead distribution, we know exactly what it takes to ensure success.

As promised, here are a few key recommendations and best practices to introduce automated delivery of sales-qualified leads to channel partners:

Work where your partners work

To drive adoption and make the transition to automated lead distribution as easy as possible, partners should receive leads within the systems they already use every day. Depending on partner preferences, leads can be delivered via email, mobile or directly within their Sales Force Automation (SFA) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Set some rules

Suppliers should establish lead routing rules, so that the right leads get to the right people at the right time with the appropriate details about the prospects. Rules can be as sophisticated or simple as a supplier chooses but they should be consistent, so that leads are routed and delivered via a common methodology. Use feedback from partners to modify rules, enhance results and improve visibility.

Launch a well-defined campaign

Kick things off with a well-defined campaign that is relevant to partners and aligned with current sales incentives.

Establish clear KPIs

KPIs should demonstrate how quickly partners view and act on the leads provided. Initial KPIs may include response turnaround or time of acceptance to lead, lead feedback and opportunity creation.

Generate excitement!

Share early success stories to generate excitement and encourage adoption across your entire partner community.

Boost results with Through Partner Marketing Automation (TPMA)

Marry lead distribution with other aspects of TPMA to boost results. With Zift TPMA solutions, it’s easy to syndicate your message across your channel community, generate demand and enhance pipeline visibility.

Be sure to read the latest eBook from Zift to discover The 4 Simple Steps to Drive Channel Sales with Rules-Based Lead Distribution and check back in here over the next few weeks as we dig deeper into the importance of lead nurturing and enabling closed-loop reporting to track ROI.

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