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Lead Distribution

Bring Channel Partner Lead Activity Back Into Focus
with Lead Distribution Management

Gain unmatched insight across partner lead activity and sales pipelines with automated Lead Distribution Management. Zift makes it easy to automatically deliver sales qualified leads complete with critical sales data – and see exactly what’s happening with the leads you provide to channel partners.

Better Lead Sharing

Shine a Light on Lead Activity

Qualified leads are an incredibly valuable resource. Far too often, they seemingly disappear in a channel sales black hole as soon as they are passed to channel partners. Zift Solutions enables visibility and tracking across the lead lifecycle, allowing you to automate lead distribution and easily track ongoing partner interaction with prospects, including marketing touches and pipeline activities with real-time updates. Channel partners receive leads either via intelligent email workflows or directly within their familiar CRM and SFA systems. They also get much deeper information regarding leads, including all of the marketing activities used to qualify leads, such as the amount of time a lead spent on a supplier’s website, which pages they viewed and any materials they accessed or downloaded. Partners can use the Marketing Automation Platform and systems they already know – and suppliers can track the progress of distributed leads across the entire sales cycle all the way through to close to see the amount of revenue they generate.

Intelligent Email Workflows

Eliminate Barriers

We all know how hard it is to get partners to log in and update any system. That’s why Zift’s “zero login” email workflows and direct integration with today’s most popular CRM and SFA systems are so effective. Either through Embedded Access Apps (EAAs) or by providing intelligent emails that request information as it is needed, Zift removes barriers to get leads and information flowing between you and your channel partners. EAAs let you deliver leads directly into the systems your partners use most, including:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Oracle
  • SugarCRM
  • Sage
  • And more

Partners’ sales staff are also able to easily access leads and detailed prospecting info on their favorite device and update status buttons to let you know exactly how a lead is progressing. Stop wondering what happened to the leads provided to partners and start building a truly collaborative sales process with partners. Zift lets you easily see and share feedback throughout the sales cycle, track lead activities and measure results with automated closed-loop reporting.

The Lead Distribution Management Leader

The difference is clear. Lead Distribution Management from Zift Solutions lets you:

  • See exactly what’s happening with the leads you provide to partners throughout the sales cycle
  • Deliver sales qualified leads to partners via intelligent email workflows or directly within their CRM or SFA systems
  • Empower fast follow-up and lead nurturing with relevant prospecting details regarding lead background and activity
  • Foster collaboration with closed-loop analytics and automated reporting
  • Leverage Zift’s Through Partner Marketing Automation (TPMA) activities for more proactive lead nurturing

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