Successfully executing multi-touch campaigns requires marketing and sales expertise, dedicated resources and time that many channel partners just don’t have.

That’s exactly why forward-thinking suppliers are providing their channel partners with direct access to marketing automation tools, including content and social media syndication, through partner marketing automation (TPMA), automated lead distribution and more.

There’s no doubt that marketing automation helps channel partners streamline marketing efforts, connect with prospects and close more deals. Adding Managed Services to the mix yields even better results.

With Managed Services, channel partners get end-to-end, hands-on support from channel marketing experts across the lifecycle of their campaigns. Rather than trying to navigate the complex sales landscape on their own, partners can collaborate with experts to define priorities, identify and execute the best campaigns and then tweak efforts with strategic insight and closed-loop analytics. Zift Solutions has seen the dramatic impact of Managed Services over self-service first-hand and the numbers are impressive.

We’ve created a new infographic to showcase the impact of Zift Managed Services:

How Suppliers Can Maximize Channel Success With Managed Services

Summary of Statistics:

Channel partners with access to Managed Services benefit from:

  • 93% more new leads
  • 94% active leads
  • 33% more active hot leads
  • 27% more hot leads

Fortifying marketing automation technology with Managed Services increases partner adoption rates along with campaign effectiveness. For example, channel partners leveraging Managed Services have seen email performance skyrocket, with:

  • 48% increase in emails sent
  • 31% increase in emails opened
  • 79% increase in emails clicked