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Social Media Syndication

Social Media Syndication
for Your Channel Partners

Social Media is an essential element of today’s channel marketing mix – and an important component of lead generation, building awareness and nurturing relationships. However, without the right tools to access and deliver timely, relevant and nearly continuous new content, your channel partners’ social media efforts can fall flat. Zift Solutions Social Media Syndication empowers your channel partners to become savvy social media marketers and influential voices in promoting your solutions and services.

Better Social Media

Better Social Media and a Bigger Bottom Line

By effectively using social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WeChat) to communicate with potential buyers, channel partners gain the power to build their brand and boost your bottom line. Zift provides a powerful delivery infrastructure that makes it easy for channel partners to push fresh content to multiple social media sites and supplement their social contributions with supplier-provided information. Using Zift’s Social Media Syndication, your channel partners gain access to an entire library of valuable content they can leverage to reach out, connect with and expand their communities. The result? Better relationships with key targets, stronger brands, more qualified leads and increased sales volumes.

Foster Communities (and Sales) with Social Media Syndication

Social media is all about developing and fostering communities. So, enabling your channel partners to become influential voices regarding your solution areas offers significant rewards. Use Zift’s Social Media Syndication to:

  • Reduce the time and costs of social media efforts for channel partners
  • Provide relevant content channel partners can use to enhance their social media presence
  • Automatically adjust content to match channel partners’ brand guidelines
  • Improve lead generation efforts
  • Build and foster new customer communities
  • Showcase channel partner expertise in your key solution areas
Measure Social Media Success

Easily Measure Social Media Success

Zift also provides the in-depth analytics required to detail the effectiveness of your channel partners’ social media efforts. Easily measure social media reach across a channel partner community. Then, either sit back and enjoy your extended social media success or adjust your efforts to improve results.

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