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Concierge & Managed Services

End-to-End Channel Marketing Assistance

Zift’s Concierge and Managed Services provide direct access to our marketing experts along with a wide array of flexible service options to help you find new prospects, nurture existing clients and drive repeat business. From individual email options to complete multi-touch campaigns, Zift Concierge and Managed Services deliver everything you need to create and deploy impactful marketing initiatives designed to boost your bottom line.

Concierge Services


Zift’s Concierge and Managed Services let you stay in the driver’s seat while we do all of the heavy lifting. Our experts work hand-in-hand with your team before, during and after campaign launch to understand your brand, messaging and desired outcomes. You simply choose the sales offer and marketing materials to support your campaign, then sit back while we do the rest. Everything is customized to complement your brand. You can distribute campaigns yourself, on your time table, or we’ll execute campaign delivery on your behalf. Zift keeps you informed of all activities along the way. Plus, we ensure proper lead follow-up and provide detailed metrics to measure your results.


Why go it alone when there is already so much on your to-do list – and our experts are here to help? Channel Marketing organizations who leverage Zift Concierge and Managed Services eliminate the hassles of channel marketing and see measurable results, including:

  • 538% More Net Leads Per Partner
  • 93% More New Leads
  • 94% More Active Leads
  • 48% More Emails Sent
  • 79% More in Emails Clicked
  • 31% More Emails Opened

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Zift Concierge Services make it easy to measure success and tailor future campaigns to make them even more effective. After every campaign, you’ll receive advanced analytics that show you:

  • Who visited your site as a result of campaigns
  • How long they spend on your site
  • Which pages they visited
  • If they decided to make a purchase
  • When prospects return to your site seeking additional info


Zift Concierge and Managed Services let you select the services right for your organization and campaign needs. From a single syndicated email to multi-touch campaigns or event management, our experts are ready to help you create and execute:

  • Single Syndicated Emails to promote a one-time offer, message or event
  • Multi-Touch Syndicated Email Programs to turn prospects into customers with multiple touches
  • Email Offers and Multi-Touch Email Campaigns with customized marketing messaging and complete distribution
  • Event Campaigns to showcase webinars, tradeshows and one-time sales and marketing events
  • Much More


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