We’re pretty excited about our new website. That’s a slight understatement, actually; we’re thrilled about our new website. We’re shouting about it from the rooftops. Don’t miss our parade in front of all our offices next month (kidding).

  1. Channel Chatter’s new home: Let’s start off this list right, with a mention to this very page. Our Channel Chatter blog has undergone a modern face-lift, with more relevant tags for you to get your search on.
  2. Role-centric pagesThese pages are brand new and tailored to your favorite topic: you! We have a series of pages dedicated to addressing your specific channel needs and concerns, sorted by role. From Channel Chief to CTO, we answer the questions you may have about not just Zift, but what you’re looking for in a channel tech vendor.
  3. What makes Zift different?We couldn’t make the list without mentioning this page. Not to brag, but we’re seeing the channel from a totally different angle — and we’re excited to tell you about why Zift’s approach can help you update your own channel program.
  4. The new product pagesTake a peek at our new product pages for the freshest, most in-depth look yet at our product line. From CHaaS to CLM to our CMM and PRM platforms, we’re giving you plenty of information to get a good idea of what will fit your channel needs.
  5. Our new Events page: The new Events page is a great way to see where in the world you can find Zift at any event we’re attending. You can also schedule time to meet with Zifters at events directly from that page. We’re all about saving you time and energy.
  6. The Channel Engagement page: Partner experience can make or break a program. For something that makes as much of a difference as partner satisfaction, we wanted to highlight how much we go above and beyond industry standards for partner support. Our Channel Engagement team is focused entirely on helping partners be as effective as possible — watch the video on our CE page to learn more.
  7. Support: Looking for an in-depth overview of our support options? We’ve got you covered. Though we mention three separate categories of support on the page, it’s really more than that, like ordering off-menu at a restaurant. We’re invested in your success and happiness, so what you want, we can serve up. That’s the whole point of this page.
  8. The design: We can’t really link you to anything in particular here: it’s our whole site. We revamped everything to be easier to and more convenient to navigate. Load times are down. We’re proving that we’re invested in your happiness with Zift from the get-go.
  9. Frank: Oh, Frank. He’s got the best intentions, but he just can’t get the job done. Our page on the channel tech Frankenstein is another new addition to the site with the relaunch. He is, to be honest, a mess, but don’t worry. We know how to take him apart and put a thriving program back together in his place. Curious to learn more? Check out why you shouldn’t build Frank.
  10. Industry-centric pages: We’re interested in you, and in your specific needs and challenges in your industry. More than that, this isn’t our first stroll around the block. We’ve helped technology, telecomm and manufacturing companies of all sizes nurture and grow their channel programs. Driving channel success is the name of our game, and our team knows just has to do it.

Leave a comment with your favorite page on the new site. We’d love to hear from you.