Your Heart was in the Right Place

Partners and strong Partner Relationship Management (PRM ) are at the heart of great channel programs. But PRM alone can’t cover the full spectrum of channel demands. Beyond recruiting and managing partners, you must enable and engage them, create demand, plan, transact business, and report on every aspect of your program.

The Monster Mash

After launching a partner portal or PRM, you may have tacked on a Learning Management System (LMS) to train partners. And, your program won’t go anywhere without Channel Marketing and Management (CMM), so that gets added to the mix.

You hoped these solutions would all talk to each other (and even connect with and your CRM system). Everyone needs access to the data in each one, right? But, too often, point solutions selected individually are not integrated or even interoperable — leaving you with a ChanTech Frankenstein.

Does Frank Look Familiar?

  • He frustrates and alienates (rather than engages) partners
  • He’s not as bright as you hoped – Can’t teach partners what they need to know
  • He can’t make heads or tails of the data you’re feeding him
  • He’s not flexible and can’t scale with your program
  • He’s a constant strain on resources

Frankenstein SSO Graphic

Find out how to tame your ChanTech monster (or avoid creating one altogether).

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