I love pimento cheese. Seriously love it. A Southern classic, it’s the taste of my childhood in Raleigh, NC. Being from the South, I “cut” the lights out at night. I also “carry” my kids to soccer practice. I love college sports (Go Pack!) and never miss the annual State Fair. I sometimes say “warter” instead of “water.” And the folks who grew up with me in the South know exactly what I’m talking about. They speak my language and know the intricacies of southern culture, including that delicious pimento cheese.

Zift feels the same way about the channel that I do about pimento cheese. We love it. We get it. We grew up in it and know the language. We understand the challenges people working in the channel face every day — from the inside out. During our recent 2018 kick off meeting, our sales and marketing teams were discussing how many years of channel experience we had among us. Just counting the people sitting around that dinner table, it was over 200 years. No one else can say that. In fact, there are a lot of organizations out there that now claim to provide channel-focused solutions and partner communities, but they often fail to support real channel success because they didn’t grow up in the channel — and they simply don’t have that insider channel knowledge and expertise.

I still call Raleigh home and I’ve seen it grow from a small town to a thriving metropolis that is continually changing. As an insider, I have an edge over the newbies as I maneuver through the increasing congestion and complexity of today’s busy Research Triangle Park traffic. Ask me where you want to go and I’ll tell you the best way to get there. I know the roads outsiders and newbies to town don’t. I know the roads because I’ve been traveling them all of my life.

Zift has experienced (and is now driving) the evolution of the channel in the same way — as an insider. We’re constantly guiding our customers and their partners to help them reach their goals faster with best practices, insider knowledge, expert services and proven processes honed by working with hundreds of channel organizations and more than a half a million channel partners. We’re also increasingly being asked to shape key industry events, like next week’s B2B Marketing Exchange (#B2BMX), where Zift and our own Laz Gonzalez are taking a leading role.

Get a Taste

Come get a taste of what real channel insiders can do for your programs and partners in Booth 210 at B2BMX and don’t miss:

  • The brand new Channel Marketing track, designed by Zift and B2BMX to help channel organizations get more from their marketing and sales efforts  
  • To-, Through- and For-Partner Marketing, Feb 20 @ 11:40 am, where Laz Gonzalez will explore distinct tactics and delivery options for modern marketers — and why all must work in unison to drive true channel performance
  • Panel: Top-of-Mind Topics for Channel Marketers: Feb 20 at 4:10 pm, moderated by Laz and featuring channel experts from IBM, SAP; Q2E.com; and HomeSmart

And, if you get hungry in the meantime, try out this incredible pimento cheese recipe from fellow NC-Native and forward-thinking celebrity chef Vivian Howard.