I’m not a big basketball fan.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional game, but it just isn’t a sport I follow closely. But like most, I was recently caught up in all things Olympics. As I watched the gold medal game in men’s basketball, I got to thinking about how the phrase, “Dream Team,” has become part of our vernacular since 1992 (the original Dream Team for all the millennials out there).

We all have our own Dream Teams in mind. A list of people knocking around in our heads that we want beside us working toward a common goal – whether it be in business, philanthropy or, even, basketball.

I am fortunate to work every day at Zift with people who were always on my list. From the leadership team to the developers who work on our product, to the dedicated team focused on customer success. I’m honored, and humbled, to have some of the sharpest and most talented people in their craft beside me on our journey to becoming the leading channel marketing and management (CMM) provider.

And now there’s one more.

Jordan. Johnson. Bird. Gonzalez.

Earlier today, we announced that Laz Gonzalez, one of the most well-known and respected industry analysts and channel marketing and management thought leaders, has joined Zift as our Chief Strategy Officer.

This team. Our team.

But as I reflect on the Dream Team we’re building, it’s really not about us. When the original Dream Team first took the court in ‘92 it was thrilling for them but it was exciting in a different way for an entire nation back home.

In my mind, the same is true here. It’s for everyone who touches the Zift platform or interacts with any Zifter on a daily basis.

This team is really for them.

Laz will shape and share our strategy as Zift continues to grow. But he will also bring his knowledge from working with leading channel programs around the world direct to our customers. He understands that it takes more than software to succeed at channel marketing. He gets what it really takes to transform channel programs into high performing marketing machines. He knows it takes the right blend of technology and services. This insight is something no other CMM vendor has or can share with their customers.

Why did Laz chose Zift over any other vendor? (Honestly, I want to shout his reasons from the rooftops.) I know from our many conversations. But it’s not my place to speak for him and I know you will be hearing directly from the man himself soon. What I can tell you is his move confirms that we are definitely on the right track.

And as our customers take their place on the podium, the Zift team will be cheering the loudest.