We’re growing, like a plant blooming in the sun. With the launch of ZiftONE, we established Enterprise Channel Management as the future of the channel. With this kind of forward motion, we figured: Let’s spread our roots even further. So we planted a new seed with Zift Zone, our Strategic Alliance Program, to extend Zift’s ecosystem and give our customers even more ways to strengthen and expand their channel programs.

Helping our customers drive channel success is our number one goal, and establishing a partner program of our own will help our customers grow and prosper. We’re a bit picky — only selecting world-class experts who are the best in the business to join the Zift Zone. And we are currently cultivating three distinct partner types: Agency, Technology, and Service Partners, each with a specific purpose.


Optimize Campaigns & Content with Agency Partners

Zift Zone Agency Partners specialize in creating content, campaigns and educational courses optimized for ZiftONE and your channel partners. They can create customized, original content and import content you already have in other systems, such as Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, etc. They can also expand your reach with outbound tele-prospecting, lead qualification, partner outreach, and concierge services. You can rely on them to serve as Product Marketing Managers (PMM) who understand the importance of MDF and Proof-of-Performance (POP). Zift Zone Agency Partners, like Televerde and bChannels, are channel and partner marketing experts who know exactly what it takes to engage and empower your partners.


Make an Impact with Technology Partners

Zift Technology Partners, such as Bombora and BlueprintCPQ, offer complementary tools and technology to ZiftONE. They can improve your marketing impact, help you use and profit from your data, and even maximize the power of extended IT infrastructure. These are the organizations who know how to identify and connect with your potential partners and buyers. They provide leading-edge technology to support specific initiatives, such as Account-Based Marketing, Social Listening, and Data Cleansing. Plus, they deliver software and tech solutions to ensure you are doing everything you can with and for your channel program and partners. From MDF management and execution to rewards, SPIFFs, payment services, propensity modeling, learning management and more, Zift Technology Partners expand business capabilities quickly, so you can do more with fewer internal resources.


Expand Your Reach with Zift Zone Service Partners

Zift Zone Service Partners like AchieveUnite and LeadFabric positively influence strategy, implementations, and industry reach. These are the organizations who provide custom development, technology connectors and facilitate integration with other systems. On the strategic side, they can train Partner Account Managers, oversee channel budgeting and planning — and even support partner tiering and program design. They also provide insight and best practices to reach new geographic areas or industry verticals you might be thinking of expanding into.

Already have partners around the world? No problem. In fact, Zift recently announced a new round of EMEA-based Zift Zone alliances. As our own Laz Gonzalez puts it, “Welcoming these powerful strategic alliance partners to the Zift Zone demonstrates Zift’s strong global presence and allows our customers to do even more with ZiftONE to energize their channel programs.”

We’re growing — and we’d love to help you grow, too. Check out the bounty of powerful strategic alliances we’ve brought together in the Zift Zone to help your own channel program bloom.