Do you struggle to serve an international partner community without having international employees on hand? Do you have to slow down your partner program announcements to ensure you’re serving all of your partners in their preferred language?

ZiftONE’s latest premium feature, Automatic Translations, brings simplicity to serving international partners.

With ZiftONE Automatic Translations, text on portal pages – including on pages with customized HTML – is automatically translated to your partners’ language.

From ZiftONE, partner users are able to select their preferred language. A version of the portal page will then be automatically refreshed in their native language. 

ZiftONE already offers 23 languages for translating menus and site structure associated with ZiftONE’s out-of-the-box features. The new premium feature, Automatic Translations, extends that functionality to custom pages and gives partners the in-language experience they deserve… All without a heavy lift from you.

Best of all, the Automatic Translations feature enables you to turn pages around quickly and without the need for extra staff or timing to receive translations.

Are you interested in ZiftONE Automatic Translations and want to find out more? Talk to your Customer Success Manager or ZiftONE Account Executive today.