Your largest partners and distributors are some of the most valuable relationships in your partner program. It’s crucial to keep these parties happy and sharing information with you. At the same time, while they might be your most important relationships, that doesn’t always go both ways. Getting partners and distributors to log into your portal and enter deal and lead registrations can be challenging, leading you to miss out on key information to keep your sales moving forward.

Instead of entering deals in two different places, enable your distributors and major national partners to work within their own systems. With ZiftONE’s Advanced Partner CRM Integration, an add-on capability that builds upon ZiftONE’s industry-leading partner CRM Connectors, you can equip a number of partners with the ability to work within their own Salesforce platform. From there, partners will be able to sync Salesforce to ZiftONE’s Deal Registration or Lead Registration automatically–reducing friction and time spent.

With ZiftONE Advanced Partner CRM Integration, you will:

  • Reduce the time partners spend on manual data entry.
  • Enable partners and their team to work within a familiar platform.
  • Prevent duplicate work caused by registering deals and/or leads in partner portal accounts and CRM software.

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