CARY, N.C. – Oct. 17, 2022 – Zift Solutions, a leading provider of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) software, today announced ZiftONE for Ecosystems, a new package to power channel partner program ecosystems. 

ZiftONE for Ecosystems includes all of the existing features of ZiftONE, including its market-leading through-partner marketing automation suite. These, combined with a new set of features, are designed to work together to improve partner collaboration and sales through multiple channel partners.

“We’ve seen the channel transform from selling through an individual partner to collaboration across value-added resellers (VARs), distributors, managed service providers (MSPs), and agencies to drive product value and better enable sales across different regions and geographies,” Gordon Rapkin, CEO at Zift Solutions, said. “We view PRMs as the hub for companies embracing a collaborative partner program model. ZiftONE for Ecosystems offers these companies a place to host, manage, and grow their partner ecosystem. ”

ZiftONE for Ecosystems features functionality that enables partners to most effectively interact with a supplier’s offerings, including services, other partners, or resources. These features help partners get everything they need from one platform, in one place. In addition to the existing features included in Zift’s award-winning PRM and TCMA ZiftONE platform, ZiftONE for Ecosystems includes the following features: 

  • Partner Finder – ZiftONE’s Partner Finder provides an entirely new way for partners to locate other partners to work with. Through the feature, channel partners can search for a specific partner that will meet their needs. Partners can also promote themselves to other partners by creating a profile that highlights the skills, services, and complementary products they can bring into a deal. From there, partners are able to directly contact each other.
  • Multi-Partner Deal Registration – Multi-Partner Deal Registration offers a way for partners to document if and when other partners are collaborating with them on deals. This includes non-transacting partners who have had a huge influence on the deal closing, giving ZiftONE for Ecosystems customers a more accurate picture of who is actually influencing customer decisions. From there, Multi-Partner Deal Registration enables suppliers to reward each partner’s participation in a deal. 
  • Provider Locator – The Provider Locator feature is focused on connecting channel partners with the service providers, including approved agencies and technology partners, they need to best sell a supplier’s product. By connecting partners with approved providers, suppliers can have peace of mind that the listed service providers will maintain foundational brand and market understanding. Within the ZiftONE portal, partners are empowered to search for whatever they need within their geographical area – and then connect with the appropriate providers.

ZiftONE for Ecosystems enables and rewards stronger partner collaboration by empowering suppliers to provide an environment where one partner can work with another to close business. This adds value to partners while simultaneously improving the end customer’s experience. 

ZiftONE for Ecosystems is available now for companies interested in improving their channel partner ecosystem experience. Current ZiftONE customers who are interested in adding these features to their ZiftONE instance are encouraged to contact their Customer Success Manager (CSM).


About Zift Solutions

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