Have you ever struggled to connect your channel partners with approved agencies, technology partners, and other service providers? Attempting to do so can be frustrating–particularly if you operate from within more than one region.

With ZiftONE’s latest Premium Feature, Provider Locator, connecting partners with the right resources has never been easier. Partners can now access a searchable list of approved agencies and service providers in their unique area, taking the guesswork out of who they can and can’t work with. Each provider receives an HTML-rich customizable profile that they can control, enabling them to most effectively present themselves to your partners.

Get started with Partner Locator by submitting a list of companies that you’d like to make available to your partners. Zift will create accounts for the companies on this list; providers can then use the HTML-rich editor to create a comprehensive profile that features their provided services. If you need to add additional agencies or service providers at a later date, Zift makes it easy for you to set up their accounts.

Once Provider Locator has been set up through your ZiftONE portal, your partners can search for the local services they need and connect with the appropriate agencies and providers. These providers specialize in the language and business practices of your international partners while maintaining familiarity with your branding, products, and corporate identity. Partners can request services directly from their ZiftONE portal, giving you valuable insight into how many inquiries (leads) are generated for the agencies–and by which partners.

If your partners reach out to a listed provider, you will be able to see that the contact has been made. Having access to this information can help you better understand which service provider relationships are meeting partner needs, as well as which areas may need improvement. 

An example of the Provider Locator in real-time.

Are you interested in ZiftONE’s Provider Locator and want to find out more? Talk to your Customer Success Manager or ZiftONE Account Executive today.