We’re pleased to welcome Matt Slutz, Business Development Executive for MSM Solutions, as a Channel Chatter guest blogger.

MSM Solutions is a Premier Zebra Partner and leading integrator of barcode and RFID products. Founded in 1981, we’ve been in business for more than 30 years and have certainly seen a lot of change across the technology, marketing and sales landscape. Gone are the days of face-to-face handshakes, business card exchanges and steak dinners with potential clients. Instead, our buyers are online, actively looking for lowest priced solutions and immediate access to information – and we have to deliver in order to capture their business.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the capabilities that eCommerce and the Web provide, but it’s definitely a challenge to stay out in front of customers as well as the competition in today’s digital world.

A Go-To Marketing Resource For The Digital Age

In 2014, Zebra provided us with Marketing Advocate and we transitioned to Zift Solutions this year. Without a doubt, Zift’s Dynamic Content Syndication, Email Campaigns and Concierge Services are helping us build and maintain authority in today’s highly competitive digital landscape.

A simple web plug-in delivers fresh, relevant content directly into our website and also captures data about our site visitors, which eliminates much of the guesswork from sales and enhances lead nurturing. The email campaigns are also helping us build brand awareness and were instrumental after a recent name change in spreading the message that MSM is at the forefront of our industry and still the reliable solutions provider our customers know and love. The Zift Concierge Services team helps us keep up a steady stream of communications with bi-weekly email campaigns that promote a blend of Zebra products and MSM solutions. Because our campaigns are tailored to MSM’s manufacturing, retail and logistics verticals, we see very few unsubscribe requests and often get direct responses to our emails.

Zift quickly became our go-to marketing resource and has given us the platform, content and support to build brand awareness and market ourselves much more effectively. We’ve seen a spike in our web traffic, added more than $15,000 to our pipeline and closed $8,000 in sales in the first 5 months of using Zift. Since June of 2015, the 13 email campaigns that we’ve launched have garnered more than 5,000 interactions, we’ve added 1,800 new qualified leads to our system and now have approximately 4,000 prospects and new names in our database.

To learn more, read the complete new case study: MSM Solutions Establishes Authority and Builds Value in a Digital World with Zift Solutions.