I recently had the pleasure of presenting and recording a new webinar with Laz Gonzalez, Service Director of SiriusDecisions. In it, we discuss how to overcome familiar partner engagement challenges and the vital importance of using the right technology to develop and sustain the partner experience.

This is a topic of growing and significant importance. We hear from so many channel organizations that improving the partner experience is a top priority for them. However, I find that very few actually know what they need to do in order to achieve their goals.

Partners Are Just As Important As Customers

Any organization doing business in the channel must pay careful attention to the partner experience. As Laz notes in our presentation, “The channel is the engine of growth for so many companies. While the customer has long been considered King, today’s partners are just as important. If you don’t think so, look at your bottom-line revenue numbers. If your partners are not satisfied with the way that you’re communicating with them, supporting them, you’ll see a direct impact on the revenue they’re generating for your organization.”

With that in mind, Laz and I set out with several objectives that we wanted to deliver to webinar attendees, including:

  • Sharing a clear definition of the partner experience and why it’s important to channel organizations
  • Identifying shifts in the channel landscape that undermine partner engagement
  • Highlighting SiriusDecisions’ framework for mapping the journey to partner experience excellence
  • Outlining the differences between Channel Marketing & Management (CMM) tools and Marketing Automation (MA)
  • Exploring the vital role technology plays in empowering partners and profitability

The webinar is now available on-demand for those of you who missed it. Watch The 5 Key Ingredients for a Positive & Profitable Partner Experience and let us know what you’re doing to support your partners in the comments section below.