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[Website] 5 Key Ingredients for a Positive & Profitable Partner Experience (Zift & SiriusDecisions)

5 Key Ingredients For
A Positive & Profitable
Partner Experience

This Webinar Features:

Laz Gonzalez
Service Director

Ken Romley
Zift Solutions

Improving the partner experience is a top priority for most B-to-B leaders selling through indirect channels. Yet, few organizations are actually realizing their goals.

Watch this educational webinar as we outline the pillars of partner engagement and uncover the 5 key ingredients for creating a positive and profitable partner experience.

Find out from the experts at SiriusDecisions and Zift Solutions how to overcome current partner engagement challenges and the critical importance of using the right technology to support the partner experience.

Laz Gonzalez, Group Service Director of Channel Strategies for SiriusDecisions, shares insider insights on:

  • Changes in the channel that are undermining partner engagement
  • What today’s channel partners require in terms of tools, resources and support
  • SiriusDecisions’ framework for mapping the journey to partner experience excellence

Ken Romley, CEO and President of Zift Solutions, will demonstrate exactly how suppliers and partners across a wide range of industries are achieving higher program results, including:

  • The role technology plays in empowering partners and profitability
  • Vital differences between Marketing Automation (MA) and Channel Marketing and Management (CMM) tools
  • The essential elements channel organizations should seek in a CMM platform

We also share real-world examples of which processes and underlying technology are shaping a positive partner experience for channel leaders.

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