On a recent flight, I came across a line of copy in some Southwest Airlines marketing that really struck a chord with me.

“Without a Heart, it’s just a machine.”

With all due credit to Southwest, it got me thinking about how meaningful this sentiment can be in so many lines of business.  Airplanes, automobiles, smart phones, and even channel marketing and management software.  

At Zift, we are more than technology.  We are a team with a lot of heart.  So as we enter the season of giving thanks, Channel Chatter asked Zifters to share what their hearts are thankful for this year.

I’m most thankful for friends and family. I got married in January and gained a husband, a Plott Hound pup, and a whole new side of the family. It has been a fun adventure!
Kaycee McAdams, Project Manager

This is my first tech job so I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from more experienced developers.
Matt Pilcher, Jr. Web Developer

Thankful for my father, Sid Sacek, who is the hardest working and most generous person I know. Also thankful for my wife, who supports me in more ways than I can count.
Jon Sacek, Web Developer – Production Team

I’m thankful for Aimee Tracy, Zift’s lead development manager.  I’m new to my role and she has been the very best trainer – kind, patient and fun!
Jeri DiCostanzo, Sales Development Representative

This year my daughter started first grade.  I’m thankful for my healthy, beautiful, and  smart little girl!
Damian Rochman, VP of Product

I’m thankful for both my mom and brother always being there to support me in everything that I do, pushing me in the right direction and loving me unconditionally. I’m thankful for my fiancé, Liz Saelens, for saying “Yes” on November 5, 2016. Lastly, I’m thankful for a everyone at Zift for helping me grow in both my job and as a person. Special shoutouts to Mary Flannigan, Erika Ivey, Allison Guckert, and Andy Wilson – Thank You!
Drew Beason, Customer Success Manager

While I’m primarily thankful for my family’s health and well-being, I’m also very grateful for my new home at Zift and the kindness and enthusiasm shown to me as I made this important transition in my career.  Thank you, Zifters!
Laz Gonzalez, Chief Strategy Officer

I am thankful for my kids and husband being happy and healthy and being surrounded by such amazing people in our lives.
Jen Serino, Designer, Production Team

I’m thankful to work with a great team of Zifters who make it a joy to come to work every day. I’m also grateful that I have the opportunity to work with our channel partners to help them reach their marketing and sales goals!
Lauren Phelps, Channel Engagement Manager

What are you most thankful for this year? We’d love to hear your sentiments, too.  Share them in the comments below.