As CEO of Zift Solutions, I am constantly working to make channel partners more successful at selling products from their suppliers. Part of this is learning effective ways to organize independent companies, and part of this is staying up on the latest best practices for marketing in general.

The real pros at these capabilities are our clients. We are lucky enough to work with great people, automate their ideas to make them easy to leverage, and then regularly iterate based on the analytics that we track to provide a continually improving solution.

Part of this iteration isn’t about the Zift Solutions software platform, but about the ideas and techniques that the platform supports. My plan is to discuss everything from best practices for PPC and social media, to how to evaluate and on-board the right partner community. Hopefully this will create a forum where we can all share and discuss some of our current thoughts, and work together to get more great products and services to the people who can benefit from these offerings.