My kids are big country music fans. Maybe you’ve heard the Luke Bryan song, “Most People are Good.” I believe that’s the case, especially as we get closer to the holidays — regardless of how many people are stampeded for new TVs on Black Friday. We hold doors open for strangers. We work at shelters feeding the hungry. We spend time together with family and friends.

That’s why at Zift, this time of year is all about giving back. Our NC office’s holiday party featured a casino where all “winnings” were donated to deserving charities. It feels good to give back (especially after racking up at the blackjack table).

That’s also why we extend the opportunity to give back on behalf of our awesome customers and friends this time of year. Zifters voted on which organizations we’d most like to donate to, and we let you choose how we spread the love to the various charities. Here are the four we chose this year:



The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is one of the largest humane societies in the world and the first to be established in North America. Their work to end animal cruelty and educate on treating animals with respect and kindness is further carried out through animal rescue, adoption, and protection.

Make ASPCA Your Pick


Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK does just what the title suggests — they’re searching for a cure for cancer and raising money to further cancer research. Additionally, they develop evidence-based policies to inform government decisions related to cancer.  

Support Cancer Research UK


California Community Foundation

The California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund goes toward helping relief and recovery efforts after wildfires. With the recent wildfires, this is a timely opportunity to help those who were affected start to recover and rebuild.

Choose Wildfire Relief Fund



Americares is a health-focused organization that responds to the needs of those affected by poverty or disaster. They have been instrumental in providing continuing support in response to Hurricane Florence, which not only closed our Cary, NC offices and personally affected several Zifters — but had devastating impacts in North and South Carolina with historic flooding that destroyed homes, industry and infrastructure.

Help Fund Americares


Does your company have a yearly charitable tradition? Do you personally donate every year? The holidays are a time of traditions and of sharing — so why not share your story with us? Tell us all about your traditions, whether business or personal, in the comments. Most of all, have a wonderful holiday season!