I don’t like seeing anyone struggle. I feel compelled to help. And, thankfully, so does my team here at Zift. Over the past decade, Zift has led the charge in Channel Marketing and Management (CMM), delivering best-in-breed solutions and services to the largest community of channel partners worldwide. But we’ve discovered that even the very best CMM isn’t enough. Too many channel organizations are still fighting for survival in today’s competitive marketplace. So, we’re stepping up and doing more.

Why More? Why Now?

As channel programs have grown in size and stature, they require more functionality. Obviously, they have to hit revenue goals. But doing so isn’t a one and done task. B2B organizations need to recruit, retain, and train the right partners. They have to automate multi-tactic marketing for those partners. They are tasked with generating and distributing leads and publishing content. They have to enable and incent sales teams. And, of course, they have to manage and make sense of all of the data they are collecting. All of this functionality calls for new technology — and it’s appearing.

Savvy channel leaders are looking to the software realm to manage all of these functions. During the past few years, I’ve seen the initial excitement of channel leaders as they explore all of the new technologies that are arriving on the scene. What is now known as the field of ChanTech is exploding. There is absolutely a lot to be excited about as new and innovative solutions that are designed to solve real channel challenges appear seemingly overnight.

However, I’ve also witnessed too many suppliers and partners struggle to make all of these new solutions work together — and work with and within their established systems and infrastructure. Integration is what provides the best results, but integration is complex, time consuming and clearly standing in the way of real channel program success, particularly for resource-strapped organizations that are already feeling stretched. That’s why Zift is stepping up to solve the integration challenge.

Zift Channel as a Service Lifts the Integration Burden

Today, Zift is introducing Channel as a Service: An easy-to-use, fully integrated software platform that automates the complete spectrum of activities required for sales, marketing and operational processes, so that channel programs can deliver better results.

We know that integration has been a major stumbling block for channel programs and we have the vision, know-how and resources to solve that challenge. With Channel as a Service, we’re extending our best-of-breed Channel Marketing and Management (CMM) solutions. We’re lifting the burden of integration by ensuring that all of the new functionality you require works seamlessly with the the systems, applications and infrastructure you already have in place.

It’s our intention to deliver everything channel organizations need to build and grow more profitable channel partner programs. This is our ultimate mission at Zift. Based on what we’re already hearing from our customers and industry experts, the response to this expanded vision and Channel as a Service has been overwhelmingly positive. I can assure you that Channel as a Service comes from listening to our customers, hearing what channel leaders desire — and stepping up to deliver on the bigger picture.

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