Zift and MAPI’s new manufacturing-focused video series continues with a fresh perspective on arming distributors with the right content at the right time.

Instead of just throwing content over the fence to their distributors, or even trying to tailor content to the needs of distributors themselves, channel expert and Zift’s Chief Strategy Officer Laz Gonzalez recommends focusing content on the market problems facing end-buyers.

Take a Staged Approach

Aside from focusing content on distributors’ customers, manufacturers should identify and align content to each stage of the buyers’ purchasing process. This means knowing what’s important to the end-buyer – and when to deliver content that matches his or her interests.

  • Thought-leadership oriented content that convinces buyers a product, service or even company is something that is relevant to them is perfect for early sales and marketing stages.
  • Educational content should fall within middle stages of the sales cycle, and demonstrate why your organization is different and better than the competition.
  • Success stories that show real return on investment (ROI) are ideal even after you’ve made the sale, as they validate the purchases customers have made.

Watch this new video from Zift and MAPI to learn how to make the most of your content, and check out the entire series here.