I’ve been in Orlando this week participating in the SiriusDecisions Summit.  For those of you not familiar, it is the premier B2B conference attracting more than 2,000 sales, marketing and product professionals from Fortune 500 companies and major small to mid-sized enterprises.

The focus of this year’s event has been on how transforming sales, marketing and product through alignment is essential to powering B2B top- and bottom-line growth.  We will be sharing many of these best practices and ideas in the near future, but today I would like to focus on a specific presentation that makes all of us at Zift extremely proud.

After evaluating more than 100 programs around the world, SiriusDecisions announced the Channel Program of the Year.

Congratulations to our customer: 


We have had the opportunity to be a part of HP’s efforts to grow their channel revenue for the past 7 years.  When we first began working with them they had many of the same challenges that we hear from other channel organizations:

  • Low partner adoption
  • Declining partner trust
  • Lack of visibility into leads passed
  • Desire to provide scalable programs to drive channel revenue

Maria Chien, Research Director at SiriusDecisions, said that HP was chosen because of the system-to-system integration and their ability to pass leads directly into the partner CRM systems.  When you are able to see both sides of this process, you have:

“The holy grail of data in the channel.”

Maria Chien

Research Director, SiriusDecisions

Here are some of the elements from Maria’s presentation.

Critical Success Factors: HP sought to capture all data with a single source of truth, and integrate data into both HP systems and partner systems.

  • Partners have a critical role in the demand creation process, but recognize they cannot go alone.
  • Suppliers can’t manage what they can’t measure – capture any and all information about mutual prospects and customers.
  • Key investments in strengthening trust with partners; data protection guaranteed that their leads remained theirs.

HP Results:

  • Shared pipeline visibility with HP, PBM and partner
  • Improved lead conversion tracking (MQL-SAL-SQL)
  • Accelerated Sales

Partner Results:

  • 25% improvement in lead cycle time
  • Lead-to-pipeline-to-close visibility
  • Improved relationship with HP sales
  • CRM usage up 60%

Once again, we are proud to be the technology behind HP’s success and their selection as Channel Program of the Year!  If you are interested in reading more here is a case study that outlines how one partner was able to cut lead lifecycle time by more than 30% and expand their pipeline.

HP Partner Expands Pipeline and Cuts Lead Lifecycle by 30%