The success of a channel program depends heavily on its ability to establish and maintain strong relationships with its partners. Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software platforms provide a solution to this challenge by enabling companies to streamline communication, collaboration, and data sharing with their partners.

In this blog post, we’re exploring the benefits of PRM software platforms and why they are essential for building and maintaining successful partner relationships. We also discuss the key features and capabilities of a PRM software platform, as well as important considerations when selecting the right solution for your business. So if you’ve ever found yourself asking, “What the heck should I look for in PRM?!” this one’s for you.

Here are key questions you should ask your PRM vendor:

1. Can the PRM facilitate partner onboarding?

PRM platforms need to be part of the partner experience from step one of the onboarding process to drive adoption. Best-in-class platforms enable e-signatures on partnership agreements to kick off onboarding. Plus, they house your education, training, certifications, lead registration and quoting.

The PRM platform can segment and categorize partners throughout their onboarding process to further customize how your program is training partners with content only relevant to their given stage in the onboarding process.

Plus, onboarding with the PRM platform can open up more program revenue pathways. The best PRM platforms will include learning management system (LMS) capabilities. An LMS allows your program to onboard partners that fit multiple program types through various courses and training tracks, so it can simultaneously support white-label partners, direct agents, TSBs and their subagents, VARs and MSPs.

2. Can the PRM integrate with your CRM?

A PRM should integrate with your CRM. You can gain deeper insights into your partners’ activities by syncing the data from your PRM with your CRM. CRM and PRM must correctly map each other to reflect sales commissions and deal attribution. If all sales go through your CRM, mapping them into PRM is essential so the entire sales process is automated.

3. Will the PRM enable marketing automation for partners?  

The PRM needs to be able to provide marketing automation for partners. This functionality isn’t just for large, well-established partner programs. When a program is small and still trying to gain market share, that’s when it most needs marketing automation functionality. Automation makes it easier for partners to market your services, so they’re more likely to do so. 

4. Is the PRM easy to use and navigate?

Your PRM should be a cohesive resource for all functions and actions you want your partner to take. The partner shouldn’t have to log in to multiple systems to do business with you. 

When registering marketing leads in the PRM, for example, the partner should be able to log them as a deal simultaneously. Beware of PRM platforms that claim they do this when they’re really several platforms linked by a single-sign-on (SSO).

Why Choose Zift Solutions as Your PRM Software Platform Provider?

Nothing screams “amateur!” for buyers louder than a disjointed, cumbersome experience. ZiftONE helps channel leaders manage data, marketing and reputations through a “one pipeline, one platform” mantra. So, operations, enablement, marketing and sales are working from a single integrated source — the one that helps them maximize partner efficiency and minimize buyer frustration.

Vendor Experience

  • Gain Pipeline Visibility
  • Establish Marketing Attribution & ROI
  • Manage Deal Lifecycles
  • Unify Channel Data
  • Generate Insightful Reports

Partner Experience

  • Reach & Retain New Customers
  • Access One Program Location
  • Leverage Co-Branded Content
  • Deploy Powerful Partner Playbooks
  • Stay Ahead with Training & Continuous Learning

Buyer Experience

  • Work with True Industry Experts
  • Get Personalized Content and Solution Recommendations
  • Enjoy a Seamless Buying Relationship

Want to learn more about how ZiftONE can help you nail vendor, partner and buyer experience? Contact us at this link.