During the past decade, social media has reshaped the sales landscape along with the way people and businesses communicate. Today, B2B organizations and their channel partners are using social media to reach a much broader audience, demonstrate expertise and nurture ongoing conversations with prospects and customers. But to truly dominate the social media realm, you must move beyond just Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Go Worldwide with WeChat WeChat logo

Zift is helping channel organizations extend their social media reach by adding support for WeChat®. Haven’t heard of it? WeChat is the most popular social network in China, with a user-base of over 800 million active users – who spend an average of 90 minutes on the platform every day. (That’s a lot of people and a lot of time on one social network!)

For organizations interested in global dominance, WeChat is vital. It’s the premier platform for businesses focused on engaging buyers in Asia-Pacific regions and a powerful way to monetize social media outreach on a worldwide scale. With an official WeChat account linked to Zift, you can broadcast messages that include photos, videos, collateral and more.

For WeChat, Keep in Mind:

  • WeChat is a mobile-first platform, so consider what you are sharing. Messaging should be short, crisp and clear. Avoid overly detailed descriptions or complex images, which can be difficult to see on mobile devices. Use links to connect followers to more in-depth content they can read later from their laptop or desktop.
  • Form a following. Use incentives and rewards to rapidly build and accelerate account following. This could include discounts, exclusive content, free demos and more. Providing your audience with a reason to follow you and acknowledgement when they stay makes for more interest and sales.
  • Segment your followers. Manage and target audiences by segmenting followers by location, language, stage of the sales cycle, gender and more. You can setup and use keyword auto-responses on WeChat to sort followers into groups. Then reach out with content specifically relevant to their interests and demographics.

Don’t forget to continue to use your other social media channels to stimulate discussions, demonstrate expertise and enhance lead generation efforts. Using Zift you can start a discussion on one platform, then amplify it through WeChat to develop stronger APAC-based online communities and a global digital presence.

Are you already using WeChat? Can’t wait to get started? Find out more about Zift support for WeChat here and share your favorite social media platforms and experiences in the comments section below.