You might think that after working with thousands of channel partners, the details surrounding their stories might get a little blurry for the Zift Solutions team. Far from it. We take your challenges and successes to heart.

A Day In The Life

Take, for instance, Lisa Vega, Senior Marketing Manager for PureIntegration, who recently shared A Day in the Life of a Channel Partner for Channel Chatter. Serving as the sole marketing resource for pureIntegration, a Virginia-based Systems Integrator, HP Platinum Partner and Intel Security Premier Partner, is no easy task. Taking time to become a guest blogger and give our readers an inside view of how Zift has remade her daily workflow, simplifying social media management and making it easy to overcome the daily challenges of channel marketing, is inspirational and much appreciated. Moreover, being both time and resource-constrained is something that I know is familiar to many of our readers. Be sure to read Lisa’s guest blog post to see how Zift is lifting the burden and opening new opportunities for pureIntegration.

Video Success Stories You Won’t Want To Miss

Aside from serving as a guest blogger, Lisa also worked with us to create two new Video Success Stories you won’t want to miss.

The first, Pure Integration Extends Capabilities and Conquers Channel Marketing Challenges with Zift, demonstrates the overall value and impact of Zift Solutions on pureIntegration. Watch it to get a glimpse of how easy it is now for Lisa to track social media email campaigns, content syndication and more using Zift.


The 2nd video, Real-Time Integration with CRM Delivers Impressive Results For pureIntegration, examines how integrating Zift directly with SugarCRM has allowed pureIntegration to enhance visibility and empower results by delivering leads directly into the CRM system they use daily.

A Deeper Dive: PureIntegration Case Study

Looking for a deeper dive and some measureable results? Check out this new detailed case study: pureIntegration Extends Capabilities, Fills Sales Funnel and Conquers Channel Marketing Challenges. You’ll get even more insight into the challenges pureIntegration was facing prior to implementing Zift and see exactly how, in just nine months of cross-platform usage and Concierge Services, they:

  • Expanded Overall Marketing Reach by 46%
  • Increased Month-Over-Month Opportunities by 20%
  • Boosted Month-Over-Month Leads by 9%
  • Drove a 7% Month-Over Month Increase in Site Traffic

It’s a compelling story that Lisa will co-present with us at the upcoming SiriusDecisions Summit. If you are planning to attend, don’t miss this session on Tuesday, May 12th from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET.

In one of the interviews, Lisa mentioned that being able to call on Zift at a moment’s notice means the world to her. The fact is having partners so willing to share their time and stories to help educate the Zift community truly means the world to us here at Zift.