Many of today’s suppliers and channel marketers are heavily invested in partner portals. But is that investment truly paying off?

While partner portals seemed to hold great promise for channel marketing and sales, low usage rates and overall ROI are pointing to a very different reality. Regardless of the amount of time, money and energy suppliers keep putting into them, 70% of portal solutions are predicted to fail and all-too-familiar channel marketing challenges still stand firmly in the way of success. We’ve recently developed a new Infographic that highlights the Reality of Partner Portals along with Zift’s approach, which up-ends the partner portal conundrum.

The Same Refrain – Core Challenges Remain

Like a bad cold, today’s channel marketing challenges may seem impossible to escape. Man partner portals are failing to help channel partners, already stretched thin with limited resources, to keep messaging current, align marketing and sales objectives, nurture leads and prospects, or keep everyone abreast of sales activities. The fact is, marketing to channel partners remains expensive, time consuming and increasingly difficult as partners choose to support multiple suppliers.

Forging a New Path with Forward-Thinking Solutions

After working with tens of thousands of channel sales and marketing organizations across the globe and staying on the cusp of industry trends and leadership, Zift Solutions sees a better way – and we’re forging a new path with tools that actually match the evolving needs of channel sales and marketers.

Cloud-Based TPMA & Embedded Access Apps

Zift first revolutionized channel marketing with cloud-based Through Partner Marketing Automation (TPMA) tools and is now looking forward to Embedded Access Apps (EAA), which allow partners to work within the established systems they already use every day.

Embedded Access Apps allow you to provide unmatched channel marketing automation capabilities, including campaign creation and deployment, automated lead distribution, social media and more, within the most popular CRM, SFA and inbound marketing and sales tools, such as, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Pardot and more. Instead of taking marketing materials, HTML and digital tools from a supplier and importing them into their system of choice, EAAs allow suppliers to push content, email templates, social media campaigns and marketing automation capabilities directly into the SFA, CRM or marketing automation systems on which their partners already rely. The result? Suppliers and partners can simplify channel marketing, reduce costs, increase opportunities and enhance visibility.

Not Ready to Make the Jump to EAAs? No Problem

While we at Zift like to utilize the best of the latest technologies, we also recognize not everyone is ready for Embedded Access Apps. Many channel partners still require a platform to manage and execute marketing campaigns. So, while we’re actively developing EAAs, our award-winning TPMA platform is not going anywhere. In fact, we’re continuing to invest in our cloud-based platform and recently enhanced our User Interface to deliver a next-generation user experience that improves campaign efficacy, fosters productivity and ensures brand compliance.

Powerful Proven Results

We’ve seen the results firsthand: Partners participate and succeed when we inject marketing and sales tools directly into the systems they currently utilize and enjoy. You choose the path that’s right for you and your partners. As you’ll see in the Infographic, either approach delivers impressive results. Suppliers using Zift Solutions are freeing themselves from disappointing partner portals, actively engaging their channel partners, drastically simplifying channel marketing and shattering industry performance averages.

Check out the new Infographic to learn more: