Zift welcomes guest blogger, Lisa Vega, Senior Marketing Manager for pureIntegration, a Virginia-based IT Systems Integrator, HP Platinum Partner and Intel Security Premier Partner.

CalendarAs the single marketing resource for pureIntegration, my day starts early – and it starts with Zift Solutions. From the moment I log in, I know exactly what the day has in store for me. That sure wasn’t the case two years ago.

A Look Back

Back then, I was juggling all of the marketing tasks to support multiple relationships on my own. With two separate suppliers, each with their own distinctive messaging and brand identity, it was very difficult to keep website content fresh and on target let alone, manage social media, marketing campaigns and advertising.

Leveraging HP Marketing Development Funds, I started using Zift for Content Syndication two years ago on a few selected landing pages on our website. The visibility and value Zift provided quickly became apparent, and we have since worked our way up to cross-platform usage for both suppliers. Today, I rely on Zift Solutions for:

  • Monthly email campaigns and quarterly newsletters
  • Social media posts via Twitter®
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on Google® and LinkedIn®
  • Automated lead distribution to sales reps

Zift Concierge Services have also become a powerful extension of the pureIntegration team, providing strategic and tactical support on nearly a daily basis. Plus, we’ve recently integrated Zift into our SugarCRM System, so the entire pureIntegration team can work within the CRM system they know and already use every day.

Mornings Start With Zift

With the Zift Platform, everything we need is all in one place and accessible with just a few clicks. Over morning coffee, I can log in one time and check campaigns or edit and make social media posts from one dashboard, which is my favorite tactic. At the same time, our Sales reps are logging into our CRM, where they’ll find new leads from Zift campaigns already populated into the system along with detailed insight that makes it easy to determine who they need to reach out to first and the best way to nurture those leads.

A quick call to Justin, our Zift Concierge, and we’re off and running with plans for new email campaigns, newsletters or PPC ads. Within the Zift dashboard, I can easily deploy and track the results of all of our marketing outreach efforts, check on top searched keywords and new leads, even send notes to the sales team, which is phenomenal.

All that functionality is available through just one platform that is well-designed, convenient and easy to understand. So, later in the day, when I have to generate reports for an all-hands meeting, all of the data I need to track and share ROI is easily available. I get automatic reports emailed on a bi-weekly basis based on the data pulls I’ve assigned. Plus, pretty charts and graphs make me look like a superstar during those meetings I used to dread.

People often ask, how would you rate Zift on a scale of 1 to 10? My answer: a solid 12. Seriously. I cannot imagine doing my job without Zift now. Why would I?