The merger of Zift and Relayware has been an exciting process. We’ve worked hard behind the scenes completing the mountains of paperwork that come with any business transaction like this. Now, the merger is officially finalized — and our combined businesses are set to synchronize the people, processes and technology B2B organizations require to drive channel revenue and growth.

As CEO of the new Zift, I’m incredibly inspired and energized by the blended team that we’ve assembled to work for our customers. Bringing Relayware and Zift together is truly a merger of talent, processes, channel expertise and complementary technology.  It is critically important that we have great technology, but the winner in the channel technology market will deliver way more than just great tech. We need to go beyond being a technology vendor, and become a trusted business partner for our clients.  

A Broader Focus

When it comes to Channel as a Service — Service is critical.  Of course, Zift provides all of the features and functionality channel leaders require from their channel sales, marketing and operations software. Integration of our technology platforms is well underway. But Zift is so much more than our software. Here, people, processes and partnership with our customers comes first. Every technology element is wrapped in complete services and support, best practices and proven channel expertise to deliver real channel success.  

At Zift, we’re focused on more than just PRM and CMM. We are focused on creating a single, seamless supplier and partner experience that blends the very best of our CMM and PRM offerings along with all of the extended capabilities of our Channel as a Service.  

Through CHaaS, we not only help channel organizations and their partners generate more revenue, we deliver partner performance management analytics, so that channel leaders can see, track and measure everything happening within their extended channel ecosystem. Moreover, we take a data-centric view of success, which means more visibility, fewer data siloes, and more comprehensive data and insight to accurately map the overall efficacy and return of your channel spend.

Be assured that we’ll keep you posted as we move forward to fulfill our complete vision of end-to-end Enterprise Channel Management. For now, take a look at this quick video to get a sense of what we have in store for you.