We are pleased to have John Dombrowski, Marketing Director of The Barcode Factory, as a guest blogger for Channel Chatter.

The Barcode Factory is a Premier Zebra Partner that manufactures stock and custom labels for thermal printers, thermal ribbons and labeling applications. We also resell an array of printers, mobile computing, barcode scanning and software solutions along with RFID encoding and read/write systems, antennas, readers and RFID labels and tags.

Still with me?

Then you’re probably already getting the gist of one of our primary challenges. Just how do you make barcodes, labels and asset tracking technology fresh and exciting for customers and prospects? That was the dilemma we faced every day at The Barcode Factory and it’s not an uncommon one for channel partners.

Regardless of industry, it’s a daunting task to position the products and offers you’ve already put in front of current clients and potential customers as something new, different and engaging. We all want to make sure we’re not wasting our marketing funds and no one wants to create campaigns that bore or even alienate our customer base.

Fresh Content & Campaigns at our Fingertips

For us, the solution has been Zift’s Dynamic Content Syndication and Email Campaigns. We got a taste of the technology when Zebra provided us with access to Marketing Advocate in 2014 and we’ve since transitioned to the Zift Platform after Zift acquired the company in 2015.

We now have an extensive library of content and email campaigns at our fingertips, so fresh, product-driven content is always on-hand to help us capture the attention of our audience, nurture long-term relationships and drive new prospects toward a purchase. Plus, our Zift web plug-in automatically populates our website with syndicated content from Zebra, keeping our website on-brand and up-to-date with no extra effort on our part.

Raising the Value of our Brand

The ability to co-brand with Zebra is undoubtedly raising the value of our brand while strengthening our relationship with Zebra and our clients. We’re able to stay out in front of emerging trends and capture the attention of our target audience easily.

Our Zebra sales are up and we’re opening up large opportunities under newer RFID and portable print solutions. Best of all, Zift has become an extension of our marketing team, helping us identify potential campaigns and providing strategic direction through its Concierge Services. We’ve already seen great results and intend to integrate Zift with our new CRM system in 2016.

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