It’s the season for spring sports. Zifters debate over the Stanley Cup in breakrooms and Slack channels and watch kids’ soccer and baseball games. The competition is on. (We’ve even got Zifters competing in a walking challenge!) Similarly, Zift upped the competitive ante with our new platform, ZiftONE. Going up to bat with Enterprise Channel Management to manage an entire channel in one platform? We hit a home run.

So now, Zift is looking to help you hit your own home run. We think of channel program successes as wins on their own. In our recent webinar, “People, Process and Platform: Turning Enterprise Channel Management into Profit,” Krista Fuller and I discussed streamlining channel processes for continued wins. Here are some factors to consider to hit the ball out of the park — and maintain your winning streak.


Choose Your Players Wisely

Nothing matters more than having the right players on the field. So what do you do when the players on your team don’t have the skillsets you’re looking for? Look for the right partners — prune back your program until the partners you have are the ones who will be able to most effectively sell your product — and set your team apart from the competition.

Channel programs aren’t a numbers game, and having more partners doesn’t necessarily equate to more success. Increasing partner quality over partner quantity is the factor you should focus on. Adding partners who match up to your ideal partner profile and align with your solutions increases the effectiveness of your program.


Consistency is the Name of the Game

How can you scale and create consistency and momentum in your platform? Drive a similar (positive!) experience for all your partners. Consistency is key to crafting a program that feels simple to use, while still full of great benefits to keep partners coming back. Additionally, keep track of your best performers. High performers gravitate toward great content that aligns to their message. As a rule of thumb, take note of what content partners are using, track the results of what they do with it (send emails, execute campaigns, etc.) and make adjustments as needed.


Are Silos Challenging Your Plays?

Too often, data is siloed within individual parts of your program and even separate technology systems. This broken, data disconnect frustrates channel teams and partners alike. At SiriusDecisions Summit, 72% of respondents to an on-site poll of channel professionals indicated siloed sources are the most common channel data challenge. With data silos now a widespread channel epidemic, it’s time to take charge. Without access to all data involved, how can you make informed decisions on where to take your program next? An enterprise channel management platform, like ZiftONE, can solve this problem. By reaching across silos and consolidating data, channel leaders can immediately have better visibility and actionable insight as nothing slips through the cracks.


Is your channel program set for the playoffs? Where are your wins, and how did you achieve them? I’d love to hear how you’re succeeding — and let me know if we can help you drive channel success even higher. Additionally, get more tips for wins in our on-demand webinar — and learn how channel assessments can empower your program even further.